Becoming a Successful Affiliate

Posted on May 12, 2000

by Teresa Williams
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Have you often wondered why some people can make a ton on money by promoting other people's product and you are struggling to make one sale every month?

There are very simple rules to follow to become a Successful Affiliate:

1) Purchase the product

This is a "MUST" to making money with an affiliate program. Why should you purchase the product when you can sign up for free? How can you honestly tell other people about the product if you have not purchased it yourself?

2) Treat the product as if it is your very own

When you sign up as an affiliate and actually purchase the product... take the time to either go into the members area, read the product, contact customer service or the owner of the product. Get an actual "hands-on" experience of the product. If you purchase the product and enjoy the benefits of it... your sales can increase at least 1800% by thinking of this product as your very own.

3) Be proud of that product

If you are an affiliate and do NOT advertise it on your website or do NOT advertise it in your newsletter, then how are you going to sell it? Be proud that you are an affiliate and advertise.

4) Give the product your personal recommendation

This information goes back to step number 1. You must purchase the product in order to give your personal recommendation. By putting your "stamp of approval" on the advertisements... your sales will increase. What did you enjoy the most about the product and why would it benefit other people to purchase the product?

The end step to making sales is to tell the future customer what the product will do for them. Why should they spend their hard earned money on a product that you personally would not purchase?

5) Communicate with the owner of the product

This is a very important part of becoming a successful affiliate. If you have a question about the product or simply would like to introduce yourself to the owner as their new affiliate... by all means DO IT!

You are going to become an "individual" to the owner instead of an affiliate number. Get to know the person as an individual. You can actually use this information in your personal recommendation.

6) Use different methods of advertising

Banners, in my personal opinion, do not sell like a classified ad, sales letter, sponsor ad and personal recommendations. Use text links on your website instead of the banners. If a person sees the same banner on a hundred websites, why do you think they should click on YOUR banner and purchase the product? They won't! Give them a written explanation of why this product will help them and what benefits they will gain by purchasing the products.

7) Answer all emails

If you are promoting a product and have put your "stamp of approval" on the product... people who have not made up their mind will email you with questions. Why don't they email the owner of the product? Simply because you have gained the trust of this person. You are doing the promotion.

Go back to Step number 1: If you have not actually purchased the product, you will not be able to answer the future customer's question.

If you have purchased the product and still can not answer the question... still take the time to answer the email and let them know you received their email and you can not answer the question for them, but you are forwarding their question to the original owner of the product.

This goes back to Step number 5. Communicate with the owner. If you have already made contact with the owner of the product, you are going to gain the respect from that person. Forward that email and let the owner know that you could not answer the person's question and they will be more happy to do it for you.

8) Get to know your sub-affiliates

If the affiliate program is more than one tier, it means that people sign up under you and sell the product. In turn, you receive a commission everytime they make a sale. If you are involved with an affiliate program that sends you an email letting you know that someone signed up under you and include their email address... USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Send an email to the new sub-affiliate with the following information:
 - Welcome them to the program
 - Let them know the importance of purchasing the product
 - Give them tips on how you advertise
 - And yes, even give them the actual ads that you are
    using to generate sales
 - Let them know they can contact you with any questions

Remember folks, your sub-affiliates can be crucial to your success. If you take the time to "help out" your new promoters, that is just more money in your pocket.

Becoming a successful affiliate can generate a very healthy income each month if you take the time to learn these eight steps.

Teresa Williams is the owner/editor of She publishes a very successful internet marketing newsletter and has personally composed 3 free downloadable ebooks. Get a copy of Top Biz News delivered to your email box by sending a blank email to or by visiting


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