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6 Ways to Improve Your Affiliate Offer

Posted on January 5, 2012

6 Ways to Improve Your Affiliate Offer

It's not getting people to your site that matters, it's keeping them there, keeping them entertained, and making the sale. If you're not seeing enough return on investment for your affiliate offer, it might be time to sweeten the pot. Jump-start your affiliate site with 6 easy ways to improve your affiliate offer.

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1. Create an affiliate center.

Think of the affiliate center like the headquarters or command central for your affiliate
marketing. This is where all the action happens, where you educate existing affiliates
and potential affiliates about who you are, what you have to sell, and why it makes a
difference. Of course, you'll also need to outline your policies on commissions, sales,
and revenue per click as well as other terms of service. Spend time crafting thoughtful
text for your affiliate center. Blog posts, video clips, interviews, customer reviews,
customer profiles, and graphics help bring your product to life. Banners, logos, and
buttons let marketers promote your affiliate offer. Put in the time to generate thoughtful
material that targets your audience to really make the affiliate site worthyour while.

2. Add tracking links that are easy for your affiliates to update when you want to change your offer.

It's natural for your affiliate offer to change over time. Make it easy on your affiliates
by including a tracking link that lets them update easily, and by notifying them when
you've updated your offer. Alleviate links that don't work.

3. Use a payment tracking system.

Make it easy for your affiliates to see how many sales they've driven, what to expect
in commission, and when to expect payment. Include payment history. A payment
tracking system can automate much of this information, so your affiliates don't need to
bother you with questions. Having a payment tracking system can also make you more
attractive to potential affiliates, who want someone that can be trusted to pay for
marketers' efforts.

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4. Offer webinars for affiliates to learn and ask questions.

From a marketers' standpoint, webinars make good business sense. An informed
affiliate becomes your ally, because she can speak and write knowledgeably about
your product and your offer. Give your affiliates the chance to connect with you, and
learn more about your affiliate site. This generates buy-in among your affiliates. Take
the time to answer questions honestly. If there's something you don't know, make it a
point to learn and get back to your marketers with the answer.

5. Record the webinars.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to affiliate marketing. Recording
existing webinars and hosting them at your affiliate center gives your marketers the
chance to learn about your offer on their own time, without taking up your time.
Continue to hold webinars now and then, especially as you gain new affiliates.
Recording and archiving the webinars on your site takes just a few minutes and
expands your affiliates' body of knowledge.

6. Provide the tools your affiliates need to promote, such as banners, sales copy, and other templates.

If you did a thorough job building your affiliate center, it should already include these
items. If you skimped on some categories, go back and build materials. Chances are,
your affiliates are busy. If you expect them to generate their own sales copy, product
reviews, or graphics, everyone is losing out on money. Give your affiliates the material
they need to be successful and watch your own business rise as a result.

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