Fast, Effective And Entirely Free Ways To Get A Website Included in Google Within 24 hours

(….or 72 Hours To Be On The Safe Side!)

Posted on December 2, 2009

It's not a great secret, but you would be hard pressed to find any SEO or marketing company to give you their 'secret' ways to delivering a website into a search engine such as Google, in as little as a day or two. In fact you would be hard pressed really to find any comprehensive guide, studying the ways and wherefores of how to actually list a website in the natural organic listings so quickly.

Yes, we have all read the free study guides on how to submit a website, we have all been to the submission links of the major search engines and blasted our sites URL off into the never never world.

But, if you didn’t already know, and you probably didn’t if you have read this far – there are at least 100 different ways I can think of right now, on the spot, that can get a perfectly new URL actually listed in Google in a day, give or take a day!

These ways are free, with there being no cash involved you will be pleased to hear, and will certainly see your website up there in lights (well at least for your website name anyway). These are not ways or mechanisms to get top rankings, these are not way to suddenly drive hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your website. These are simply ways to get the site listed, without the need to use any free search engine submission link as provided by the almighty Google or Yahoo.

So, if you have your notepads and pens I shall begin:

1. Have you twittered or tweeted lately? Well start now, if you have not already got a Twitter account my suggestion is to sign up today. Get yourself a lovely Twitter name as your website address, and in your profile provide a lovely link to your URL. After this, go and find 50 people (in any industry – some people would say you must be focussed, but at the end of the day you just want your site listed – so find 50 people in any topic area), follow them and then sure as mustard within a few hours some of them will be following you back. Why doe this help? Because new Twitter accounts invariably get listed in record time, and the more people following you the higher the chances of that being picked up. Then your link to your website sees the spiders (that’s the search engine spiders by the way!) racing to it.

2. Free press release site, yes yes, you have heard it all before. Use press releases to get your website listed yarda yarda yarda. Well listen up, because I am going to give you one HUGE tip and recommendation, write yourself a nice little press release. It doesn’t matter if your English is bad, is worse than bad or is just downright awful. Simply do your best, right a nifty little announcement about your site going LIVE on such and such a date, what’s its about and how great it is. Make sure you provide links in the press release to your site, just 2 links will be more than enough. Then go and search for some “free press release” submission sites and deliver your brand spanking new announcement release to about 10 of these free PR sites. Don’t pay a dime if your intention is just to get your site listed, you don’t actually want the publicity – you just want the listing, and this really does work.

3. Got any buddies with websites, can you buy them a beer for a link? If you know anyone else with a website that has a fair few visitors ask them to put up a link to your website until it gets listed. This is a tried and tested method – and the more buddies the better!

Search Engine Submission

4., no you don’t have to upload that latest family video. You can create some new videos using some of Windows own tools! A few graphics created to promote your product, created into a video, uploaded to with a nice link to your URL at the side – lovely.

I could go on, but I think you will find that implanted correctly, selecting just 3 of the above 4 recommendations will safely see your site listed in a couple of days. There are many more variations to the above methods, and with a little thought you can no doubt figure these out yourself – but to train your thought, think Dailymotion and Myspace and all the other sites that follow the same theme and come in between.

If you are a fan of search engine submission links provided for free by the search engines, then there of course is absolutely no harm in using them. And you could of course you always pay a company to do it for you, but if you want to show all your friends and colleagues just how clever you are at getting your domain name listed so quickly just give the above a shot….

Next time I will go through ideas 5 – 10 just to give you a bit of variety!

About the Author

Suzzi Law is an SEO PR writer for, full service submission and website promotion service provider since 2002.

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