Posted on February 23, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #16 ***
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     >> Putting In The Basics On Your Website <<

  February 23rd, 1999		   *** ISSUE #16 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

        Putting In The Basics On Your Website

  With over 200 million webpages and growing you need 
  to not only be aggressive in your promotional actions, 
  but you also have to have your basics in.

  What are the basic promotional actions for a website?

  The basics are:

  - submissions to: search engines, directories, 
    what's new announcements, classifieds, hot/cool sites
  - newsgroups postings
  - reciprocal linking

  Don't I just need to go into some search engines?

  No, you need to put the basic promotional actions in 
  on your website.

  For example, if you were to start a new business in 
  the real world, you usually do the following promotional 

  - get free listings in the yellow pages
  - passout flyers
  - network in your local community

  Then, once you have made some sales you would put some 
  money towards advertising, display ads, direct mail etc. 
  You would continue to do these actions and watch your 
  business expand.



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  When you go online with a website, it is similar to 
  starting a new business (even if you have an existing 
  business off-line). Going into search engines/directories 
  is similar to obtaining free listings in the yellow pages, 
  newsgroup postings are similar to passing out flyers, 
  reciprocal linking is similar to networking in your local 

  Then once you have made some sales, you would put some 
  money towards advertising, banners ads, direct email etc. 
  You would continue to do these actions and watch as your 
  website expand.

  When you start a new business and you obtain a free 
  listing in The Yellow Pages, do you solely rely on that 
  advertising to bring you new prospects? If your answer 
  is no, then why would you solely rely on the search 
  engines to bring traffic to your site? It's the same 

  So to recap the basics are:

  - submissions to search engine/directories, classifieds, 
    what's new, hot/cool site awards 
  - newsgroups
  - reciprocal linking 

  Make the basics above into a checklist and review 
  your website to see if these basics are implemented. If 
  they are not in, go ahead and get them in.

  As you implement each of the basics, monitor your 
  web statistics to see how much your web traffic has 
  increased. Once your basics are in, you will notice 
  your web traffic increase and then level off at the 
  top, At that point you should start with banner 
  advertising and direct emailing to continue to increase 
  your traffic.

  If you need any help with implementing the basics, 
  Digital Gold can do that for you, you can contact us 
  at or (818)828-7400.

  Happy Promoting,

  Kathy Gold
  Digital Gold

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