Posted on February 2, 1999

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       >> What Ezines Should I Advertise In? <<

  February 2nd, 1999		   *** ISSUE #13 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

         What Ezines Should I Advertise In?

  I am asked quite frequently, "what ezines should I advertise
  in?  I'm far from an expert, but here are some tips that may
  give you some guidance in choosing which ezines you may want 
  to place your ads.

  First of all, place your ad in ezines that are related to your
  product, service or biz opp.  If you are selling fishing lures,
  you probably wouldn't do too well in a food magazine.  You 
  may get some responses or even an order, but if you want your 
  money's worth, don't waste your time or money.

  Find the ezines that you think are related to your product, 
  service or biz opp.  Granted, you will probably be coming up 
  with the same ezines that your competition advertises in, but 
  that's the best place to advertise...right where your 
  competition is!  

  If you have a product or service that is universal in appeal, 
  try some of the ezines that may not be exactly your targeted 
  market. This contradicts my first paragraph above, but also 
  remember, subscribers do have a personal life and may just 
  find your ad of interest.  Be careful here...notice I used 
  the word "universal" appeal here.  Also, make sure you use 
  an ad that you know pulls the responses for your related 
  product or service. 
  For instance, if you are marketing a cat or dog food, just 
  remember that the subscribers of many of the ezines have 
  a Fluffy or Fido and would be interested in your product. 
  These people are already subscribed to a number of ezines 
  pertaining to their business needs and don't want to bother 
  subscribing to pet ezines...they are getting too many 
  ezines now!  Your ad in an "off beat" ezine would catch 
  their eye and Fluffy or Fido may get some new healthy, 
  natural food!

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  Advertisers should look at the content of the ezines that 
  they have chosen to advertise in.  Subscribers may be 
  turned off seeing the same article in multiple ezines and 
  won't bother reading the rest of the ezine...the part with 
  the classified ads...your ad.

  Also consider the number of ads that are in the newsletter.  
  If there are a considerable number of ads, it's possible your 
  ad may be lost in that sea of classified ads...your advertising 
  dollars may just have been wasted.

  Next, you need to consider the circulation of the ezines you 
  have chosen. Don't expect the same results from an ezine with 
  thousands of subscribers to an ezine that has a circulation of 
  a few hundred. Its hard to know what kind of response you will 
  get from your ezine advertising as there are other factors to 
  consider such as a poorly written ad or ineffective headlines.

  As far as circulation numbers, you just have to trust that the 
  publishers are stating their true numbers.  As of yet, there 
  is no "policing" of ezines.  

  Next, consider the cost of the ad.  With each ezine having their 
  own ad rates and really no set standard, you have to do a little 
  math yourself to compare the various ad rates in the ezines you 
  are considering to advertise in.

  An ezine with a circulation of 500 with an ad rate of $5, works 
  out to 100 subscribers for each dollar spent or $.01 each.  
  However, an ezine with 5,000 subscribers charging $25.00 works 
  out to 200 subscribers for each dollar spent or $.005 each.
  These are just some things you need to keep in mind when you are
  deciding which ezines to place your ads in.

  Ruth Townsend is the Publisher of the original
  Directory of E-Zines, a comprehensive listing of advertiser-
  friendly ezines and the author of several advertising and 
  marketing reports to assist the online advertiser. NEW 
  database makes ezine advertising a breeze!

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