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Email Marketing: The Secret To Making Them Open Yours

Posted on August 11, 2010

Email Marketing is a brilliant method of marketing your business if you get it right. Of course everyone's take on getting it right is different. To be honest I had never put much thought into my Email Marketing until recently. I seem to have suddenly been shown the errors of my ways, and I do mean errors, plural, because I have been making several apparently!

Oh well, as Robert F Kennedy once said "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly". So I have failed, and now I am going to achieve!! And I know you are waiting for the number 1 secret, so here it is!

I always thought that your subject headline is what would get your email opened. But it's not! But what really does it is You! Your Brand! If you are building your social media or online presence properly, your name should start to ring bells to the people you are sending emails to. Because if they have seen your name and picture constantly on Facebook or Twitter over a few weeks or months, when they receive an email from you, they will recognise your name, probably even picture you in their mind, and they will want to open your email because they feel they know you, like you and trust you! This is another reason why you need to brand yourself!

You could use the header from your blog at the top of your emails so people recognise your "brand". You could have your own signature from which will help to brand you. And you must make sure you inject some of your own personality into your emails.

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Try to keep your emails light; don't get to heavy. Make sure you have plenty of new paragraphs. Look at your finished email. Would you read it? If you have one solid chunk of text it may look boring and then it won't get read! And try to keep it reasonably brief.

I have had several emails recently where the writer has just used a short line of writing, making a small column down the left hand side of the page and I must admit these do seem easier to read! And remember to put the important bits in bold or italics so they stand out! Because there is so much information on the internet nowadays that we are all learning to "scan" read. And if the important bits don't standout, they will be missed! :)

Recently I had a complaint from someone on my list complaining about me sending them information. They had obviously opted-in for some training I offered, not realising that they would in fact be getting emails from me once they had opted-in. My answer to this was to put a disclaimer at the TOP of my emails, saying that they were receiving my emails because they had opted-in on one of my sites, and if they did not wish to receive help in building their online business, they could opt-out easily at the bottom of the page!

I panicked a little when I sent this out the first time, but actually only got a couple of people opting-out and actually got more click-throughs than usual. Probably because I was making it clear what the emails were about and injecting a little bit of my personality into it. I was actually saying, if you don't want my emails, fine, no problem, goodbye!!

Remember you are sending emails to communicate with your list. You must be giving value to your potential buyers before they will become customers. Give them information that will help them, tips, how to's, special offers, in fact anything that will bring them value. Consider what they are searching for and try to help them in their quest, and you will become invaluable to them.

Remember, people only do business with people they know, like and trust!!

About the Author

Sue Collieris an Attraction Marketing Trainer, specialising in free lead generation methods. Sue uses the #1 Attraction Marketing System to promote her primary Network Marketing business.

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