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Turn Your Domains Into Money Making Machines

Posted on April 20, 2011

Domain parking is a very inexpensive way to make sure you have a domain for redirection of Web traffic, further site development or resale. Like the typical website creation process, domain parking involves registering for a domain name, but unlike the typical website, parked domains do not have content.

Perhaps the best part about domain parking is that most domain registrars and parking companies offer the service for no charge. is not exactly a domain parking company. It is a parking management solutions that specializes in the rotation of traffic to different parking service, in order to increase productivity and domain revenues.

It is a fact that there will always be that one domain parking service, that for some reason performs much better on a specific domain, than the rest. Therefore, when you utilize multiple parking services, you get the most out of domain revenue optimization, provided of course that the domain parking process is done right.

Some of the most common problems in domain parking include dealing with problematic domain parking services and domains. There are parking services that are leaders in their field, while others lag behind in several aspects.

In order to address this issue, created a domain parking manager services, which identifies the best domain parking services for each of the domains in your portfolio. Identifying which services perform well by yourself is time consuming and costly, but since Above takes the process out of your hands, you barely have to lift a finger to increase domain revenues.

You might be aware of the risk that a domain will become blacklisted, may stop paying, and so on. Such issues can cost you time and finances. There is no need to fret, though, because monitors each domain's performance. If a certain domain's performance drops, Above's domain parking manager services automatically transfer that domain to another top performing domain parking service.

Transparency is another thing that promises. Some domain parking companies ignore traffic coming from certain countries, while other companies include it. This is why it is sometimes hard to compare different domain parking services., on the other hand, normalizes all stats and figures to allow accurate performance comparisons.

What's more is that managing your domains with Above is very easy. Your domains are organized into folders, and you can move traffic around with just a couple of mouse clicks. This is very convenient as utilizing a lot of domain parking companies is difficult, confusing even.

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More importantly, you have total control over where you would like traffic to go. You can even leave the task to an auto optimizer that Above provides.

When it comes to sending reports and stats, simplifies the whole process regardless of the number of domain parking accounts you have created. Above does this by merging all reports. Then, the data is delivered to you in one single interface.

Setting up an account with is quite easy. Once you've signed up, you can start the magic by going to Manage Accounts and select the domain parking companies you want to use from the list of services supports. To proceed to the next steps, you have to provide your username and password for each domain parking account. While there's a degree of risk involved here, it's easy to feel confident with considering how huge its mother company (Trellian) is.

Aside from managing your domain parking accounts, also supports parking services in the form of Maximizer --- the company's in-house domain parking service.'s domain parking services not only deliver domain revenue optimization, but also traffic monetization. Different strategies are utilized so that you can take the full advantage of the performance of all your domains. One of these strategies includes the redirection of traffic from various geographical places usually ignored by other domain parking services, such as traffic from China. When this traffic is redirected, there are more chances of monetization.

When you enable the Maximizer service, you allow to use such strategies that maximize domain revenue all the more.

There is also the tool called the Missing Traffic Report. This enumerates domains where traffic funneled in by has not been acknowledged by your domain parking company. The tool allows you to pinpoint what domains are being ignored by your domain parking company. Ignored domains may indicate a problem.

Whenever you are considering a new domain parking service, seriously consider Above's Parking Manager Service to have a better chance at improving profits and minimizing revenue losses. If you have already tested out a domain parking service in the past and it did not go well, here is good news for you. Above Parking Manager is quick at learning from your previous test results, and thus you'll easily know which domains perform better.

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