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    December 19, 1998                    Newsletter #8
    This week's article:       
    The Seven Best Reasons For Having A Merchant Account...
       And How To Get One Without Sacrificing Your First Born
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               .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....
      The Seven Best Reasons For Having A Merchant Account...
        And How To Get One Without Sacrificing Your First Born
    Way, way back in the ancient days, I think it all began about 1986,
    I took a stab at direct marketing.  And you know what happened?
    I slipped, I stumbled, I fell, but I pushed on.  Others were making
    it big in those days selling all  kinds of products and services via 
    television commercials, postcards, card decks, sales letters, etc.
    I tried them all.  Full page ads in magazines, 900 numbers,
    you name it.  Eventually I got pretty good, but it didn't happen
    To date, I have mailed in excess of 5,000,000 sales letters to
    targeted lists, produced and hosted two television infomercials, and 
    I've had my full page ads in various magazines, including Success
    and Entrepreneur, appear in excess of 30,000,000 times.  
    And despite all the changes in the direct marketing industry, the
    seemingly endless ways through which one can promote their 
    business, there has been one vital constant that has steadfastly 
    remained unchanged, and that is the ability to tell your 
    customers, "Charge it!"
    Everyone in the offline retail business today will make
    more sales if you accept credit cards.  Period!
    Did you know credit cards, now in their fourth decade of use, are
    firmly established in our culture?  Simply put, many Americans would
    rather purchase a wide selection of products or services using a credit
    card than by cash, check, or any other means.
    The powerful attractions of consumer credit easily translate into
    powerful benefits for credit card taking merchants.  Consider the
         INCREASED SALES:  If you are selling to the public, you will
    have a higher average sale (i.e.:higher average ticket).  You will also
    have more customers when you accept credit cards.  Studies show 
    that companies accepting credit cards enjoy up to 40% higher sales 
    than those that do not accept them.
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    Selling on the phone?  You are cutting off up to 50% or more of your
    customer base by not being able to take credit cards!
    And guess what?  That figure is higher, much, much higher, if you 
    are selling via the Internet.  In fact, it is currently estimated that 
    90% or more of all sales taking place as a result of internet promotions 
    such as target opt in email, and through the viewing of web sites, are 
    via the purchaser's credit card, and there is one enormously powerful 
    reason for this phenomenon.  And that's this:  Consumer confidence.
    Internet purchasers are well aware that they can, should the product or
    service being purchased via the net is not delivered, or in some way is
    unsatisfactory, reverse the charge through their merchant bank.
    And, it just flat out is much more convenient to enter credit card
    information on a secure order form.  Which by the way you must 
    always offer if you are accepting credit cards over the net.  Otherwise 
    you're simply wasting your time.
    Look, let's face it.  You can be the most honest, ethical, legitimate
    business person operating in Cyberspace, but unless your customer 
    knows you as well as they know their kid brother, they don't trust you.  
    And because your customers will expect you to offer them a credit 
    card purchasing option. If you don't they'll consider you to be either 
    unethical, illegal, or untrustworthy, and they'll simply take their 
    dollars elsewhere.
    There's yet another way merchant account owners can leverage 
    their position with their customers, and that's this..
         IMPULSE BUYERS:  Credit cards provide "instant financing" 
    for any product or service, generally up to about $3,000, or more.  
    So when prospects are excited about your product, they can purchase 
    it "on the spot" whether they have cash in the bank or not.  Credit 
    cards simply make it easy for people to buy what they want, when 
    they want it, from you!
    Today, more than ever, the American economy runs on credit, and
    people are buying just about everything with them, including automobiles
    and now even homes!  And there's proof in the pudding.  Credit cards in
    business transactions continue to grow every year.
    Those retailers both online and offline are not only limiting their
    success, turning away countless numbers of potential customers, but 
    they are also short changing themselves on the working capital side of 
    the equation. As you know, it can take everal days or weeks for a 
    customer's check to clear and be liquid funds in your account.  But a 
    credit card transaction typically will clear and be deposited directly to 
    your bank account within two days of processing.  And in business 
    we all know the more working capital you have, the greater your advantage. 
    Here are the seven best reasons for having your own merchant
    1. CREDIBILITY   It establishes you as a legitimate business online
    	or offline
    2. CONVENIENCE   Let your customer decide the most convenient way
    	to purchase from you
    3. INCREASED SALES   It's true.  Merchants who allow their
    	customers to say, "Charge It!" simply make more sales.
    4. IMPULSE   Your customers can now buy even if the fungolas are
    	not sitting in their checking account.
    5. CONFIDENCE   Purchasers today know that sales made via a credit
    	card can be reversed if they experience shoddy merchandise, 
    	no delivery of promised goods, broken promises, etc.
    6. INCREASED WORKING CAPITAL   Gets the money in your account
    	sooner rather than later.
    7. EASY & AFFORDABLE   Now anyone without a pending bankruptcy 
    	can have a merchant account in their name, business or personal, 
    	without purchasing or leasing any expensive equipment.
    Obtaining a merchant account for the direct marketing of products
    and services can be challenging.  In fact, depending on your credit
    history, it can be near impossible.  Most local banks won't even touch 
    direct marketers. 
    And guess what?  If you are selling via the Internet, you are a direct
    marketer. And even when those local banks will accept direct marketing 
    applications, typically their discount fees (which is the percentage you 
    pay per transaction value) can be exorbitant, so watch out.
    There are lots of merchant account programs proliferating on the net so it
    pays to shop around.  Many of them suck you in with no fee application
    offers, and then require you to subscribe to their secure server program,
    and purchase or lease expensive processing/terminal equipment.
    And, obviously, these kinds of programs limit you to selling only
    on the Net. Take it from me, a seasoned direct marketer who has career
    total sales well into the millions of dollars, a great deal of money can be
    made offline direct marketing, regardless of your product or service being
    offered.  In fact, chances are pretty good if it's a  non-internet related
    product, and it's selling well via the net, you will also be very
    successful selling it off the net.  So why limit yourself to Net based 
    merchant accounts that tie your hands and prevent you from selling 
    via card decks, space ads, classifieds, 800 numbers, television 
    commercials, sales letters, etc. 
    Nonsense!  There are better deals.  Much better.
    One of the very best merchant account programs that I have discovered that
    fits this bill, allows you to accept both Visa and MasterCard from your
    customers, and they do not require you to purchase or lease any terminal
    equipment because all transactions can be faxed between you and the
    merchant provider, where they handle all the processing work, is available
    Do it now please.  There's no telling just how much longer this
    exceptional deal will last.
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