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The Best Strategies for Email Marketing

Posted on September 13, 2012

If you own a business, you know that traditional marketing can get very expensive over time. Not only do you have to print marketing materials, you also have to invest in customized envelopes, stamps, and even names and addresses. While traditional marketing is still a focus for some business owners, owners who are looking to increase their Return on Investment while they generate a larger book-of-business are shifting their focus to email marketing. Email marketing is far more affordable than direct mail marketing and often offers a greater ROI if you use all of the most successful strategies. Here are some of the best strategies you should consider implementing into your email marketing campaign:

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Know the Difference Between Content Based and Reputation Based Spam Filtering 

The last thing that you want is your email message going into the recipients Spam Box never to be reviewed. You need to know how filtering works and get familiar with this filtering before you even consider writing content for your emails or for the subject line.

In the past, ISPs would sift through the content and block emails that said "free" or "open". Now, new filters exist that will block emails coming from IP addresses that are already blocked. Your reputation is everything and you should keep this in mind when writing email marketing messages. 

Keep Your Content Diverse 

It is very tempting to send a single email to your entire subscriber list that discusses one product or service that you offer. The problem with this is that you are alienating a huge portion of your marketing list because only a few will be interested in the lone product or service you are promoting. You should only send emails on one topic if you have sifted through your database and can send emails based on demographics or a specific niche of clients. If you want more click-throughs, you should make sure you keep the content varied and diverse. 

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Make Sure Your Schedule Is Not Getting You Blocked 

No one wants to open their email inbox and see 10 emails from the same company. If you send too many email marketing messages, you are bound to get blocked by the recipient. You might think that it is best to email your clients only once every few months. If you wait 3 to 4 months between marketing messages, your brand is not likely to be on the forefront of the consumer's mind. You have to learn the proper balance and consider sending messages monthly so that you do not under or over do it. 

Be Consistent With Day and Time 

You might think that it does not matter what day or time you send your marketing messages as long as they are delivered in the recipient's inbox. What you do not know is that there are two very important reasons why you should be consistent. As previously mentioned, ISPs are looking at several different factors to add your messages to a Spam list. Being added to this list can damage your chances of succeeding and can cost you money. If the ISP sees that you send messages at odd hours or on different days, you are increasing your chances of getting a Spam flag added to your IP address. 

Another reason why to stay consistent is because your customers will start to anticipate when they will receive your email marketing messages. If you have compelling content in the message, they are much more likely to open the email to see just what you have to say this time. 

You have to be very careful when you are implementing email marketing into your marketing initiative. You will need to experiment with subject lines, proofread your work, and research which strategies are most effective.

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