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Selecting an Autoresponder Program

Posted on February 29, 2012

Selecting an Autoresponder Program

Autoresponders are a tool to keep in touch with your interested customers and provide them information about products, services and industry news. There are things you need to consider when setting up an autoresponder program, and two of the most important are the type of autoresponder program you use, and how you frame your autoresponder series message.

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Selecting an Autoresponder Program:

1. Where you put it. Autoresponders should be placed on a server than can handle large volumes of data. The last thing you want is for your autoresponder to go down when traffic is at its highest. Research hosts and inquire about their downtime and true data capabilities.

2. Choose an Autoresponder with a broadcast feature. The broadcast feature allows you to send emails to your entire optin list whenever you choose. Not all autoresponders have this feature, but if sending out bulletins, messages, alerts and other news outside of your usual messages, chose an autoresponder with this feture.

3. HTML and text autoresponders. Some autoresponders only send text, while others send both. You should make sure your autoresponder can send both so that your optins who only want text emails are accommodated, but those who do receive HTML coding can choose this option as well.

4. If you have more than one product or message you wish to send to your optin readers, choose an autoresponder program that will allow you to set up multiple autoresponders. The more autoresponders you have, the more messages you can send to your optins which will increase your exposure and lead to more subscribers.

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Creating the Autoresponder Series

When creating the series, keep these things in mind:

1. Choose a topic that can be spread out over several messages. The topic can be about your business or service, an instructor's course or news about your industry in general. The important thing is to have enough information at your disposal to make a series of at least three messages to your optins.

2. Make the messages interesting. If you want your optins to read your messages, then you need to make the reading interesting, engaging and informative enough that your optins want to read more. A good way to do this is to create a storyline that runs through your series. You can create a scenario with characters you create, and use them to deliver your message. This will read more like a story to your optins and keep them interested and waiting for your next series installment.

3. If you plan to use your autoresponder messages to sell a product or service, include a call to action. It can be a simple "If you think ___ will help you with your business, contact us.", or you could offer a discount, free gift or other reward for clicking the link and visiting your website. Remember -- presenting the information is only half the process, asking for the sale is the other half.

An autoresponder series can help you generate hot leads for your business. But if done incorrectly, it can mar your business' reputation and cause irreparable damage. So use it wisely and grow your business.

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