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11 Best Places to Get Authoritative Links to Dominate Your Niche

Posted on September 15, 2011

11 Best Places to Get Authoritative Links to Dominate Your Niche

To make sure you've covered all the bases when it comes to your link building campaigns - We've outlined the BEST authoritative sources to quickly add legitimate inbound links to your site and those of your clients with very little effort. If you're an old pro at this, then these sources may all be recognizable to you and this article is just a thumbs up that you're still on the right track. Regardless of your experience level, these are all resources that you need to be tapping into.

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Authoritative Link Source #1 - WIKIs

The benefit of a wiki is obvious: most provide a section for external-links or additional-
resources allowing contributors to link out to various sites that may enhance the value of
the wiki entry currently being read or edited. Others, like Google Knol, actually provide the
ability to add in-content external links both within the article itself AND as resources at the
end of the article.

Authoritative Link Source #2 - How To Sites

The Web is full of quality how-to sites that provide quick and easy-to-follow step-by-step
guides on ordinary (and not so ordinary) problems. These sites also provide the savvy site
owner or marketer with an often overlooked reliable source of a new page-one Google rankings.

Authoritative Link Source #3 - Press Releases

Press releases are a great source of authoritative one-way links and have numerous
benefits. If you want to get the best bang for your buck with press releases, then PRWeb is
the way to go. For as little as $80 paid you get your release into Google News and Yahoo
News and can target your release by industry and metro area. Go up to $200 and add in all
the SEO and SMO bells and whistles, including keyword-rich anchor text and trackback tracking.
This is hands-down the best value of all the options we reviewed.

Authoritative Link Source #4 - Your Own 404 Pages

An extremely underutilized way to get authoritative links to your site is by finding and fixing
these 404 error pages. This allows you to immediately improve your backlink profile by benefiting
from links already pointing to your site.

Authoritative Link Source #5 - .edu Alumni Pages

Did you go to college? If so then your school's Web site likely has a section devoted to
alumni. Most of these pages allow you to place a link back to your site. If you're successful
or interesting enough you could also be featured in your school's online alumni newsletter,
generating a trusted .edu backlink.

Authoritative Link Source #6 - Blog Comments

Believe it or not, links from comments you leave on other people's blogs still have
considerable ranking juice, if that blog is not using the nofollow tag.

The trick is finding the right pages to leave comments on. As a general rule, you want to
find the highest PageRank pages you can that are loosely related to your site's topic. One
way to do that is to mine your competitors' backlinks using Yahoo Site Explorer and see if
you find any blog posts there.


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Authoritative Link Source #7 – Testimonials

This tactic involves sending emails to (or otherwise contacting) businesses whose products
or services you use and like, and telling them in glowing terms what a big fan you are.

Authoritative Link Source #8 - Existing News Mentions

Search for Web sites that already mention your business name, URL or your personal
name, but haven't linked to your site. This works pretty well (not flawless) in Yahoo.
Contact the site owner and ask if it's possible to add a link.

Authoritative Link Source #9 - Membership Organizations

Community and professional organizations are often overlooked venues for relevant
authoritative links. If you have a professional membership and that membership has a Web
site, you need to ensure that you have a link back from them where appropriate.

Authoritative Link Source #10 - Profiles and Free Web Pages

Another kind of free link is from the profile page of many top social media and networking
sites, as well as free blog and Web hosting sites. The trouble is they don't mean much if
they don't have incoming links of their own.

Authoritative Link Source #11 - dofollow Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate quality
backlinks to your site or those of your clients. The secret is knowing which sites permit
dofollow links and pass both authority and PageRank so you can budget your time
most effectively when submitting content for bookmarking.

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