Posted on August 6, 1999

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              Relationships Can Be More 
              Important Than The Sale!

  August 6th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #50 ***

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            .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

              Relationships Can Be More 
              Important Than The Sale!

  By John A. Crowder

  We see ourselves involved in many aspects of the internet 
  shuffle. Business owners are assured of vast amounts of 
  Guru Knowledge and the general internet browsing community 
  is constantly searching for the almighty keywords that will 
  reach their target of interest.

  Some of us who have businesses on the internet will indulge 
  in feast or famine, as the growing population increases so 
  do web sites and advertisements. I used to think that I 
  could go at this alone. "Wrong" Developing relationships I 
  feel is the number one key to success. In order to succeed 
  we must communicate with each other. 90% of business is not 
  just sales it is talking to a customer sharing ideas as well 
  as developing a relationship with others. 

  Repeat business will come by "Word of Mouth"... Many of 
  my customers are referrals these days. I have personally 
  pounded the search engines, submitted sites, added my links 
  and flown my banners. It all boils down to relationships 
  with others. Be willing to spend your time on the phone 
  with your potential customer and not worry about that long 
  distance bill. You will find more repeat customers than 
  you can handle. 

  For instance... Just the other day I was talking to a 
  Long Distance Consultant on the phone. He had no idea 
  of the power of the internet and I had no idea that I 
  could save big bucks on my long distance. He ended up 
  with a web site and e-commerce capabilities and I ended 
  up with a lower rate and no service charges a free 1-800#. 
  Both of us are going to meet in San Diego to discuss our 
  ideas on how to improve our business's. It is okay to make 
  friends with your customers.

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  It is crucial to have contact information linked to your 
  head page. You may want to purchase a 1-800 number to 
  attract those folks that do not want to run their bill 
  to the ground calling you. Once you have a customer 
  believe me they like the idea they can call for free 

  Never give up the promotion even if you feel you are not 
  being heard. Promote, Promote, Promote....Listen often 
  to those who know more than you do. Never reject a 
  potential customer with lots of questions. People really 
  do not know the insights of an experienced marketer. they 
  may have several questions they may ask you. The more the 
  merrier is my motto. Relationships are more important than 
  the sale in most cases, the sales will follow.

  I spend on the average anywhere from 8-16 hour days on 
  the net 7 days a week talking to people, answering email, 
  answering the phone. You have got to love what you do to 
  keep doing it. I went on a weeks vacation and could not 
  wait to get back to my office to answer e-mail. Enthusiasm 
  as well as a good attitude will bring in good lasting 

  The true power of marketing is never giving up and loving 
  what you do for others. Money is not the only focus on the 
  internet if you are committed to developing relationships. 
  I have this one person who bleeps me everyday on the ICQ 
  and wants me to buy this and buy that from him. I have 
  told him several times that I was not interested in his 
  method of madness. He went so far as to send me a birthday
  invitation for himself so that I would send it to him for 
  his birthday. In the message I said I would agree to buy 
  his $1.00 add page gimmick if he would look into my 
  $550.00 web page package deal. He did...purchased it 
  right away. He wanted so badly to be my friend by way 
  of money and a $1.00 sales pitch....

  He later called me and thanked me for teaching him a 
  lesson he got so excited at the thought of having someone 
  pay attention to his project that it did not matter how 
  or what he had to do in order not loose me as a client. 
  I turned down his offer and credited back his account 
  the $550.00 dollars out of principal. He has since stopped 
  selling to me and we talk everyday on the ICQ. 

  Developing relationships is essential to maintain any 
  sort of on-line presence for your business as well as 
  developing personal contacts for great referrals in 
  the future. Pass-it-on.....

  Article written by John A. Crowder

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