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Posted on April 27, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #29 ***
  "Free tips for promoting your website"
  Add Me, Inc         

           >> Innovative Marketing Ideas <<

  April 27th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #29 ***

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            Innovative Marketing Ideas

  Both Microsoft and Netscape provide you with little-known tools
  to build traffic to your site using either their Portal or
  Browser in some way. Please read the information below carefully
  in order to get everything working correctly, if you decide to
  implement these ideas on your site, as I have done.


  The below code will allow visitors using Internet Explorer 4 or 5
  to easily add your site to their Favourites list by clicking on a
  link. Here's the code for creating that link:


  Just copy, and paste the code above where you want the link to
  appear. Alternatively, you can specify the title and URL that you
  want bookmarked, without having the script pull the information
  from your page (as the script above does). To do that simply use
  the code below:


  Visit GetHits, the number one source for website 
  submission! To submit your site to up to 500 search 
  engines and directories, go to this URL:    <- Click Here!   

  All you have to do to get the script above working is to replace
  the URL with yours, and "Free Webmaster
  Resources" with the title that you want to appear in your
  visitors Favourites list. Place the code above within the 
   tags.  To call the script, place the following code on
  your page where you want the link to appear:


  Note: You'll need to copy and paste the document.write line, and
  the line that begins with "Click here to..." into one.

  The JavaScript code above will make the link appear only for
  visitors using IE 4 and 5. Visitors using Netscape will see 


  The code below will only work in Internet Explorer 5, and will
  allow your visitors to set your homepage as their default when
  they open your browser simply by clicking on the link that
  the code below generates.

  Click here to 
  make Webmaster Resources your default homepage

  Note: Copy and paste the code above onto ONE line; otherwise it
  may not work. Substitute the URL
  with your URL, and the words "Webmaster Resources" with your site


  Netscape gives you the ability to add your own channel into the
  Netscape Start Page simply by having visitors click on a link on
  your site.

  Here's how to setup your own Netscape Channel:

  1. Go to

  2. Setup your My Netscape page if you haven't done it previously

  3. On your My Netscape Page click ADD Channel, and then click
  "Create a new Channel" and follow the directions.

  This is a great addition to your site as:

  a) Millions of people have My Netscape set up as their default
  homepage, this is your chance to be one of the first things they
  see every time they launch their browser

  b) It allows you to stay in touch with visitors by letting them
  know the latest changes to your site, and remind them to visit.

  This article was written by Matt Mickiewicz. Matt is the
  owner of Webmaster Resources which helps thousands of
  webmasters every day find information and resources to help
  them design and promote their site. You'll find his site at:

  You can also subscribe to his weekly newsletter for web
  developers by sending a blank email message to 

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