Posted on April 20, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #28 ***
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           >> It's the freebie, stupid! <<

  April 20th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #28 ***

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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

             It's the freebie, stupid!

  (c) 1999 Mark Joyner

  If you think droves of people are going to come
  to your site looking for your products fired up
  and ready to buy, the web is going to disappoint

  The average web surfer couldn't care less about
  products and services.  They want freebies.  If
  you want traffic, you need to offer something at
  your site that will entice people to visit.

  (Some people are going to argue with this
  statement...  Just suspend your judgement for
  a few moments to hear the whole story.  I'm going
  to give you a powerful tool here that you can
  use on your site.  If it doesn't work, *then*
  you can curse my name all you like!)

  "Sure, Mark, we'll offer the freebie and get them
  to our site, but then what do we do once they are
  there?  We don't want a raw visit.  We want a


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  Excellent point.  Raw visits by themselves are
  meaningless if your main goal is to make a sale
  or generate leads.

  You need to have a plan for converting that
  freeloader into a buyer.  It's very simple if
  you approach this problem with the correct frame
  of mind.

  Remember my killer formula for freebie marketing
  and you'll never go wrong:

  Target, Tie-In, and Collect.

  1.  Target

  Make sure your freebie is something that will
  be interesting to your target market. 

  If you are selling furniture, offering a free
  estimate on a car obviously won't draw the right

  2.  Tie-In

  Tie your freebie in to the sales of a product
  or service.  Allow the freebie to lead in to the

  3.  Collect

  Collect the email address of the person who
  gets the freebie.  This will allow you to follow
  up with them later. 

  I challenge you to apply these principles to
  your marketing and *not* see a huge increase in

  Article by Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop Marketing
  Corporation and creator of 1001 Killer Internet
  Marketing Tactics.

  See his freebie technique in action by downloading
  WebPage-O-Matic.  A free program that creates
  an effective business site for you in minutes. <=== *Killer* Freebie

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