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Ways to Make Your Affiliate Website Search Engine Friendly

Posted on July 22, 2013

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part of getting noticed on the web. When you are creating an affiliate website or you notice that your website is not getting much traffic, focus on improving your SEO strategies.

As a general rule, search engines do not like affiliate websites, so work around that complication by making your website easier to find.

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Focus on your Niche

An affiliate marketing website already has a niche to work in: the products or services that you are selling. Focus on building up that niche on your website by writing a blog that discusses information related to the products that you sell. Give your visitors more than just the products.

Search engines do not like traditional affiliate websites. Business brands or websites that focus on a niche will usually rate higher in a search because they provide more information via blogs and webpages, which results in a greater number of keywords that are easy to find.

Identify your niche and focus on building your website around that idea. Do not get distracted by the products; instead, make the products a bonus to your website.

Write a Blog and Keep it Updated

Create a blog page on your website and write content for the blog regularly. Updated content informs search engines that your website is still active. It also provides the opportunity to put in new keywords and key phrases that will show up when a potential customer is looking for information.

Content is still the primary method of getting noticed on the web. When you write for your blog or you put new content on your website, focus on quality. A short blog post with quality and concise information is more effective than a long post that is stuffed with keywords, but never gets to the point.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing occurs when you use the same word or phrase too many times in the content. Although you want to use keywords to place high in search engines, you do not want to put it in too many times because that will have the opposite effect.

Keep key phrases and words to roughly 2 to 3 percent of the content. Add them naturally based on the information you are providing.

Select Words That Make Sense

Just because you sell a product, it does not mean your keywords need to focus solely on that item. Do not pick out keywords based on the product you are sell; instead, select words and phrases that make sense and are related to the product.

If you only use the products you sell as keywords and phrases, then you will not rank high in a search engine unless someone is looking for that item. Pick out words that are related, but also make sense in a traditional web search. For example, if you are an affiliate for a book about gardening, then your key phrases might include gardening tips, lawn care or the name of specific plants. Select keywords for each blog post you write and pick out primary keywords that are related to the general topic.

Make the Website User Friendly

Although your goal is making the website easy to find on a search engine, you also need to consider the customer experience. Create a website layout that is easy to navigate and allows visitors to visit different pages without wasting time or getting confused.

The more traffic you get on your website, the better your affiliate site will rank in the future. Backlinks and traffic are powerful tools, but it requires a user-friendly layout that encourages visitors to link your website or visit again in the future.

Make it Easy to Read

Create sub-heading for all of the blog-posts or text that you write on your website. Give your visitors a positive experience and improve your rankings in search engines by making your website searchable. Sub-headings and bullet points make your content easy to read and encourage your visitors to come back.


Although many visitors to your website will come from the major search engines, diversifying your SEO strategy to match several search engines is an effective way to bring in new visitors. Diversification allows you to rank higher in all of the search engines because it requires you to focus on quality.

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