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5 Practical Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Posted on December 11, 2012

If you can think of a topic, there is a blog that covers it. Most of these blogs only last for a short amount of time, then are retired. Some lose interest. Others enjoy writing, but cannot justify the time if they are not making any money. Losing interest is personal and cannot be easily remedied, but monetizing a blog to keep it alive and fun can be solved fairly easily.

There are many ways to make money blogging, but here are five practical ways that can make money today.

Learn from the Guru of Blogging

I'm sure you, like many others on the Internet, are looking for ways to make more money online, or perhaps looking for a way to become financially independent. Whatever it is - the bottom line is you want to make more money. And like so many others, there are reasons why you haven't been able to get to the next level. Maybe you're just a newbie and not sure how or where to start... Maybe you're not sure who to trust or listen to... Maybe you're confused by all the overload of information on the Internet. These are all things that can potentially slow you down and keep you from achieving your income goals.

Before you read another newsletter or article, just be clear about one thing - you need to be able to trust the source of information. Without trust, everything is meaningless.

There's many ways to make money online, but if you're not focused or have no plan of action, you're never going to get anywhere. That's where our friend, John Chow comes in. You may have already heard of him. Or, maybe this is the first time you're hearing his name, but there's an undeniable reality - he knows how to Make Money Online.

If you've never heard of him, let me fill you in on some of his achievements thus far...

  • He's one of the most successful bloggers in the world; he owns
  • Apart from being a successful business man, he is also a highly publicized speaker, entrepreneur and author.
  • In two short years, he took his blog from making $0 to $40,000 per month.
  • He makes this kind of money working a measly 2 hours per day.
  • He's appeared on numerous magazines, newspapers and TV shows.
  • He's widely known online as the "Dot Com Mogul."

That's just a short summary of John Chow. Based on what you just read, you may think he has been in the business for a decade or more. But, the truth is, he didn't get started until mid-2006, at which point, he quit his full-time job to start living the "Dot Com Lifestyle."

John Chow just launched his blueprint for blogging success called "Blogging with John Chow."

With his new system, he'll show you exactly how to duplicate the same success that he had. His information is practical and to the point, so get ready to be inspired. Shut out all the noise, get focused, and take action towards your financial freedom today!

Clicking this link will be your first step towards becoming financially independent and owning your very own successful blog: Blogging with John Chow

1) Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money from blogging. You simply apply to the Google Adsense program, and once you are approved, you can add the script to your website to begin showing ads to your visitors.

When someone clicks an ad, you get paid. While this is nice, the average pay out for each click is quite low in all but a handful of niches. While not the most profitable strategy, it can be a nice way to earn when just starting out or when there are no other advertisers in your niche.

2) Joining Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money. Selling products as an affiliate is great. You get a percentage, often as high as 75%, but usually between 40% and 50%, and never have to deal with customer service or other support issues.

Affiliate marketing can be great for bloggers with a regular and loyal readership. There are also large affiliate networks like Clickbank and Pay Dot Com which are both full of products to promote and easy to get into. 

You could include CPA marketing here as well, but many of the networks worth joining are invite only or difficult to get approved for. This makes them less practical than other money making methods.

Need Targeted Traffic to Your Site?

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3) Sponsored Reviews

Bloggers can connect with services like Sponsored Reviews to create another income stream from their blogs. Taking the time to write an honest review of products and services from advertisers in the system can generate several hundred dollars, or more, each month.

It is important that these are honest write ups. A great way to lose your audience is to promote low quality businesses and products. This is true for affiliate marketing too.

4) Sell Advertising Space

Plenty of blogs make a great income by allowing advertising on their sites. This can be great since you almost never have to sell anything in your posts, and many ad agreements are on a subscription of some type, ensuring you get paid the same amount for the life of the agreement. 

As far as keeping stress levels down, this can't be beat. This is going to be far more lucrative for bloggers that have a substantial readership in the thousands, but for smaller bloggers, it is a great goal to work towards.

5) Create Your Own Product

This is the one idea that people always scoff at. When compared to affiliate marketing, it makes little sense, right? You take the time to create a product, like a simple e-book or other digital product, then have to deal with refunds and complaints

This is true. Creating and managing a product is a lot of work, but there are two advantages. The first is that for every sale you generate on your own, without the help of any affiliates, you keep all the money.

The other is that when you have a product of your own, even a little $5 or $10 product, you can have affiliates promoting the product for you. When affiliates refer a potential customer through their link to your site, you have a chance to not only make money, but to convert a visitor into a loyal reader that may buy from you again in the future. 

Wrap Up

There are quite a few ways to make money from a blog, but these are the easiest. An element of business many bloggers miss is the concept of maximizing the return on their investment. Other ideas cost more to set up and implement. Why take the hard way when these are so easy?

About the Author

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