Local Business Listings Review

Local Business Listings Review

46% of Google searches are looking for local information. How can you maximize your local presence? Maintaining and updating your local listings, otherwise known as your location data.

There are three layers to location data:

  1. Where (Name, Address, Phone Number) – This is the basic contact information for businesses. With this information, customers can find a local business.
  2. What (Hours, Payments, Business Description, Search Categories) – This is the basic info surrounding a business that helps to drive foot traffic by educating customers on what the store is.
  3. Why (Photos and Videos, Clickable Featured Message, Content Lists, Bios, Menus, Calendars, etc.) – This layer comprises the rich content that helps differentiate one business from another and enables customers to choose between competing stores.

Like other digital marketing services, business listings need to be well optimised and maintained, this takes time. The AddMe Optimisation team are professionals at Google My Business and here to help.

The AddMe Google Local Business Optimisation team work closely with our clients to ensure their Google My Business profile is correctly listed on Google, and the listing has been optimised for maximum visibility.

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