Link Removal

Are you receiving Google notices regarding possible spammy links from our site? If so, please read this first before requesting a link removal for your domain.

You do not have to remove a link if it has a "nofollow" tag attibute. We place nofollow tags on all of our external links within the reports pages. A nofollow attribute tells Google to ignore those links. Nofollow links are not a part of Google's search algorithm.

So if your link appears on our site like this,, you do not have to worry about removing these. They are all nofollowed. You can verify this by checking the source code for each link. It will have a tag like this: "rel=nofollow"

You can read more about "nofollow" tags straight from Google:

Furthermore, John Mueller from Google confirms that disavowing nofollow links is not necessary:

"You don't need to include any nofollow links…because essentially what happens with links that you submit as a disavow, when we recrawl them we treat them similarly to other nofollowed links. Including a nofollow link there wouldn't be necessary."

If you still want to request a link removal, you may do so, but we have to warn you that there is a $250 charge for labor as we have to go in manually and remove them.

Link Removal Request Form

Your Website:
URL of where your link appears on our site:
* Before we can remove any links, we will require the requestor to provide proof of site ownership.
An email address that matches the domain in question would be sufficient.