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Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

There's a variety of effective means to drive traffic to your website, two of the most effective  ways to increase targeted traffic are:

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Pay Per Click

We are going to focus on Search Engine Optimization at this time and will discuss Pay Per Click in a new article.

In order to increase your site targeted traffic, you need to complete keyword analysis. It really does not matter what you believe folks are searching for in an effort to find your products or services, it's what searchers are in fact looking for that matters.

Using a tool like Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker, you can quite simply find what people are searching for, how many searches occur and the competition. If you are Conducting Search Engine Optimization, it is better to focus on longer tail keywords. This is where a search phrase has multiple keywords making it more targeted. For example -

Short Tail Keyword - targeted traffic
Long Tail Keyword - increase site targeted traffic web

The benefit to the long tail keyword is that there is typically less competition allowing you to increase in the search engine rankings faster and cheaper. Research furthermore shows that when someone uses a longer tail keyword, they are more likely eager to make a purchase.

Once you have identified the keywords you wish to focus on, it is vital to setup the page tags. The page tags are part of HTML and tell the search engines a little about the focus of the page as well as helps the search determine if you have what they are looking for.

The 3 foremost tags are -

1. Keyword Tags
2. Title Tags
3. Description Tags

The Keyword Tag is where you place all of your keywords that you identified in your research, separated by commas/

The Title Tag is where you place a basic description ( single line) of what you are offering. It is crucial to include your primary keywords in the Title as well as make it compelling so that the searcher is encouraged to click on your link.

The Description Tag is where you can expand on the Title Tag and explain in a little more detail, what you have to offer. Again encouraging the searcher to click is valuable in this Tag.

This is the basic foundation to good Search Engine Optimization and getting better targeted traffic your site. In an additional article we will discuss about Content and how to optimize it to increase on your results.