Find Your Website In Google

Part of the AddMe free seo tools offering is free search engine submission. Search engine submissions are designed to optimize the time spent on a section of your SEO campaign, guaranteeing a successful submission to the search engines. Finding your website in a search engine after the submission process can take between 2 – 8 weeks.

So, what does a search engine submission involve?

1. You need to locate the search engine – often this is relatively simple, to ensure you’re getting maximum exposure best find both large and small search engines (So no, not just Google).

2. Once you have located the search engine you then need to track down where the engine keeps the submit URL page. Generally this is a relatively quick task, though can be time consuming.

3. You have now located the page and begin entering in your contact details and details of your website (another 2 – 5 minute job)

4. Click the submit button

5. Finally, receive the confirmation email, confirm your submission (yes, many engines ask you to confirm the submission details etc)

So, a five step process, sure, for one or two engines not such a big deal, BUT, there are over 300 known search engines on the internet – this figure is growing rapidly.

The Addme search engine submission programs have been designed to do all the boring work for you, finding the engines, the add URL pages and then submitting your details to the engines.

Once the submission has been completed you then wait for “inclusion”.

Search Engine Inclusion

Inclusion into a search engine generally involves the search engine reading through your submission, crawling your website then including your site into the search engine index. Inclusion into a search engine can take hours, days, weeks or months.

The quickest and easiest way to check if your website is included into a search engine is simply search for the domain name; in this case I would search for You can try by searching for a keyword you want to be found under though if your site has not been optimized correctly for that keyword you may not show up.

So, the search engine submission service’s offered on are clearly a time saver, the free search engine submission tool submits to 20+ engines.
Our professional search engine submission service submits to over 300 search engines and directories, saving you hours of search engine submission time – giving you more time to spend optimizing your website, ensuring that you can be found for the popular keywords and search phrases.

Like many Addme readers we’re all trying to keep abreast of the engines and stay on top of the search results page, submitting your site to the engines and directories combined with some quality search engine optimization will boost your traffic and keep your site buzzing with clicks.

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