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Texas Elder Law Attorney, Richard M. Barron

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How do you pay for long term care?  Your income? Average cost in Texas is roughly $5,000.00 per month, will your income be enough? What about you souse and family, would they be able to get by if your income is going to the nursing home? How long will your life savings last, and then what?
Hi, I am Attorney, Richard M. Barron, and we have been helping families answer these questions and more to help them be better prepared and we can help you too!  But you need to act by calling 903-564-3663 for your 15 minute telephone conference to evaluate your special circumstances, and to put together possible solutions that fit your needs.  So call 903-564-3663 now and get back your peace of mind.


209 E. Main St., Whitesboro Texas US 76273

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