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Experienced St. Louis Divorce Lawyer - The Betz Law Firm

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Law Firms, like people, have personalities. Some are aggressive, quick to create controversy and needlessly prolong a case that could be settled. Others are passive, preferring to always avoid conflict and seek settlement. Others are variously placed on a continuum between the two. At The Betz Law Firm, we are committed to getting our clients the results they deserve and are able to apply our substantial experience in family law to that end. Based upon not only the facts of your case, but based too upon the history and reputation of the lawyer on the other side, we will know when aggression is appropriate, and when subtle persuasion and negotiation will yield results. David S. Betz, the firms firm’s founding partner, admits he is fond of several sayings which he thinks apply to his firms philosophy; “Speak softly but carry a big stick” and “Trust but Verify”.
Experienced St. Louis Divorce Lawyer - The Betz Law Firm


120 E Lockwood Ave, St. Louis Missouri US 63119

David Betz , phone icon (314) 801-8488

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