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Business reviews are a relatively simple concept. Positive business reviews help attract customers, whereas negative reviews keep them away. Collecting online reviews should be a focus of all businesses (but for some reason it is not). 48% of consumers will only consider buying from a business with 4+ stars.

A small change in your review rating on Google Reviews can make a huge difference to the number of potential customers that will see your listing in search results and consider doing business with you. If your business seems similar to a competitor but has a better review rating then a customer is much more likely to choose your business.


Review Management Software Can Be Great Value For Your Business

About 9% of people will leave a review without being prompted, compared to 81% who would leave a review if asked. A tool to utilize the power of online reviews can help make the generation and management process simpler. AddMe Reviews is a proven, cost-effective, and functional review management solution. A simple to use review management product that is capable of making your online business reviews impact your business Immensely.

However, there are many different software platforms that ‘specialize’ in online business reviews. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but which one is right for your business? To help you weigh up the alternative options we have put together a summary of what other leading competitors have to offer. Is AddMe Reviews worth it? Is Podium worth it? Is Cube Online worth it? We answer these questions below.


What Is AddMe Reviews?

AddMe is a leader in online reputation management services by providing a simple solution for businesses to take control of their online reviews. AddMe was founded in 1996 and has always had a strong focus in improving search rankings. This has been further enhanced with the development of the AddMe Reviews platform which aims to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to gather and maintain reviews.

AddMe has recognised that influencing customers to do business with you by having a positive review profile is imperative. The platform is used by businesses to request and manage reviews across text and email across all the major review sites. It also provides businesses with the tools to effectively manage and control any negative feedback they may receive. The automatic reporting feature is a great time saving feature that gives a quick business performance summary of your business review efforts.

AddMe Report Example

AddMe Reviews is an all in 1 reviews platform with everything businesses need to effectively control their reviews. A 24 hour extensive support offering and a dedicated account manager to oversee your review management are just extra reasons why the AddMe platform is a must for all businesses looking to take charge of their online reputation. For just $99.95 USD for a month-to-month subscription ($83.29 USD per month for a 12 month subscription), the platform can be great for any business looking to benefit from the power of online reviews.


What Is Podium?

Podium is a CRM customer communication tool helping businesses manage & message customers, process payments and manage their online reviews. Podium uses these features over text messaging to customers and has a web chat feature with a lead form that transfers over to text message. Podium also has a reviews system inbuilt however the main piece of software focuses on managing customer communication through text messaging. Starting from $189 USD per month, Podium provides users with a large platform to manage their business reviews amongst other features which some may find useful.


What Is Cube Online?

Cube Online describes itself as an ‘all-in-one local marketing service’ capable of generating local leads and reviews. It is essentially a system which manages your online footprint from one central place and includes management of online reviews, plus other non-review features. Their review features include sending review requests via SMS/email, having automated review reminders, and automated social sharing, amongst other features. Pricing is business dependent and is only found out via a specialized demo of their software.


AddMe Reviews vs Podium vs Cube Online



AddMe Reviews  Podium Cube Online
Pricing From $83.29 USD per month – 12 month subscription

$99.95 USD per month – monthly subscription

From $189 USD per month – monthly subscription

Book a demo to learn pricing

Contract Length

Monthly or Yearly Yearly Book a demo to learn more
Available Plans 3 3

Book a demo to learn more

Phone, Chat, & Email Support

Review Monitoring & Alerts

Respond Directly To Reviews

Automated Review Requests

Automated Reporting

Review Request via Text/SMS

Review Request via Email

Australian Owned & Made

Free Trial

Multi-Location Dashboard

Reviews Widget

Reviews QR Code

Templated Messaging

Bulk Invites

Upload Customer .csv File

Training Sessions Available

Dedicated Account Manager

Software Onboarding

Send Invoices Via Text

Setup Fees

Automatic Social Share Feature

Social Media Review Posting


How AddMe Reviews Can Help Your Business

By viewing the comparison graph above, AddMe Reviews provides many high-quality features you would expect from an all inclusive business reviews management platform. Some features are missing such as social media sharing and customer payment integration. However, if you need an affordable review management platform, these features are certainly not worth the increased price. All the additional add ons might be great for your business, but it is better to pay for what your business needs and will actually benefit from (which is a focused online reviews platform). 

AddMe covers every base in terms of managing and gathering online reviews. A reviews focused service to ensure your business receives more visibility online can certainly be extremely beneficial to any business. AddMe provides quick & easy to send review requests, automatic reporting, and simple monitoring of reviews compared to similar platforms. Read our comprehensive ‘Reviews Whitepaper’ to learn more about the strategy behind online reviews and how more positive reviews can be super beneficial to your business. Click the link below to see our carefully curated bundle which includes the Whitepaper and checklists to help elevate your business to the next level whilst leveraging the power of online reviews.

2022 AddMe Google Reviews Bundle


Why Do I Need To Generate More Positive Reviews?

91% of consumers (aged 18-34) trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means the majority of people will be influenced by reviews when deciding if they should purchase your products or services.

Marketing analyst Andrew Thomas determined a ratio to generate a consistent number of positive reviews which is: 40 positive customer experiences = 1 negative customer experience.

Here’s how that works out

  • Negative customer experiences will likely to lead to a negative review
  • Positive customer experiences result in 10% of customers leaving a positive review
  • To maintain a 4+ star average, a business needs four 5-star reviews, for every single 1-star review
  • So you need 40 positive customer experiences, to get four 5-star reviews, to undo the potential damage by 1 negative customer experience and one resulting 1-star review.


How Do I Start Collecting Business Reviews With AddMe? 

The image your brand portrays online is critical to help convert potential customers into paying customers. Creating a great brand image that drives traffic to your site using the power of online reviews is not difficult with AddMe Reviews. 

Driving real traffic to your site and turning them into conversions is easy with a better online reviews profile. 93% of consumers say online reviews have influenced a purchase decision. So why let your competition collect more positive reviews and get ahead? Click the link below to see AddMe Reviews in action with a comprehensive 30 day free trial. 

30 Day Free Trial


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