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Responsive Web Design – Infographic

Here’s a nice infographic that explains the basics of Responsive Web Design and the benefits that it offers. Courtesy of: S|M Web Design Company

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10 Characteristics of a Successful Website

According to NetCraft, an Internet research company, there are over half a billion websites online today. A small fraction of them become successful, but most never make it and become obsolete. But one thing is clear, there are certain characteristics … Continue reading

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How to Target Your Website for Different Cultures

Despite the fact that the worldwide web is “worldwide,” seldom think about universalizing their websites in an effort to address multiple Internet users from around the world. However, because English-speaking Internet users only account for approximately a third of all … Continue reading

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The Flat Web Design Revolution

Web design is a constantly evolving ecosystem as tastes and technological developments sway what’s ‘in’ and what’s not. For tech start-ups, the ability to look cutting edge is particularly important so staying on top of the latest design trends is … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

The average website user expects your website to load in 4 seconds or less. If your website is slow, not only are you losing so much business, but your SEO rankings also suffer. Speed optimization is important if you want … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Web Design

Mobile technology is quickly taking over from desktop computing. As a matter of fact, it is projected that mobile computing will overtake desktop computing in a matter of years. In line with this, it is necessary for every web designer … Continue reading

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Psychology Applied to Web Design

While studying psychology is not any quick or easy task, learning a few basic fundamentals can go a long way when it comes to web design. If you take the time to think about what your visitors want and how … Continue reading

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SEO-Friendly Tips on Choosing Your Next Website Designer

Website development and design can be a bit too complicated, especially to those with no previous experience in programming. This is why web developers offer their services to those who want to have not just a professionally designed and eye … Continue reading

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Getting a Professional Logo Design at an Affordable Price

Having an eye-catching logo design is one of the most important aspects of any business. If a company has a logo that doesn’t attract customers, sales are going to struggle no matter the industry. If you’re struggling to come up … Continue reading

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The Important Shift towards Responsive Web Design

Many people believe the Internet is going through fundamental changes. While the Internet itself has gone through minor changes, the real change has been how the internet is experienced. From large and clunky desktop computers, to sleek laptops, and now … Continue reading

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