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5 Ways to Use YouTube in Your Small Business Marketing

Use Youtube Business Marketing

YouTube is more than just cat videos; it’s a great way to market your small business. In fact, marketers worldwide report video as the content source yielding the best ROI.

Though it may seem overwhelming, YouTube marketing doesn’t have to be that scary – according to a 2017 benchmark report by Vidyard, the majority of videos published by businesses are less than two minutes long. Not to mention, you’ve probably got everything you need to get started, right in your pocket! Don’t be afraid to break out your phone and start recording; people understand and enjoy videos produced on the fly just as much, if not more, than high-value productions. Spielberg and Scorsese need not apply. And while you may fear that YouTube is not a viable option for your particular business, there are several ways businesses of all types can successfully use videos to gain – and convert – customers. If you’ve been wondering, “How can I use YouTube for my business,” here are five ways to use YouTube in your small business marketing. Read more...

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Lights, Camera, Action: Success Secrets of Viral Videos

Video MarketingVideos are now a popular and effective marketing technique for businesses. However, if you create a video to market your business and no one sees it, you could end up spending a lot of time and effort for very little gain. Those fortunate enough to have a viral hit know that videos can be incredibly powerful. But how can you make a video that goes viral? No one knows exactly why some videos go viral, but there are certainly things that you can do to improve the odds for your own videos.

Make it Short and Simple

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Five Tips on How to Boost Video SEO Efficacy

Online videos are among the most effective ways to build brand awareness and promote overall visibility.  Videos are typically more interactive than standalone text, and audience members are more likely to respond to the right video marketing campaign.  In addition, online video clips are highly sharable and complement social media marketing strategies.  However, online video marketing strategies have a pervasive challenge: it is important that the right audience members find and watch the right video. Read more...

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Using YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool

YouTube Marketing ToolThere are plenty of companies that effectively use many different kinds of social media. Whether it’s interacting with customers on Twitter, or posting interesting information on Facebook, lots of companies do a great job of keeping customers engaged. Often though, many companies fail to use YouTube as a marketing tool. It’s perplexing, because there are so many plusses to having a YouTube account yet so many marketing departments fail to use YouTube. Whether you’re a small company or a large one, using YouTube as a marketing tool can increase revenues and create more customer loyalty. If you’re considering integrating YouTube into your marketing plan, consider the following to make sure it is effective. Read more...

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Guide to a Successful YouTube Channel

YouTubeDay to day, an astounding amount of traffic flows through the vast network that we call the Internet. It may come as no surprise that a large chunk of that traffic is directly attributed to users watching videos on YouTube. The social video powerhouse has led to the success of thousands of users over the years. Ideas are easy to come by; it’s only those who put the proper work in that reach their goals. People near and far are creating content, uploading it to YouTube, growing their subscribers and making money while doing something they thoroughly enjoy! Read more...

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How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube

YouTubeGoogle is the largest search engine in the world followed by the internal search engine of the video sharing site YouTube, which Google also owns. Perhaps because of this relationship, many users are noticing more YouTube videos in Google’s own search results. Because of this, many marketers are realizing that YouTube can be used to drive traffic back to a website.

Many want to begin making videos to drive traffic to their main websites, but few know how to do this properly. Learning how to get free traffic from YouTube is easy with the right strategies. Read more...

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Online Video Marketing is Big for Small Business

Even the smallest business can swim with the big sharks when it comes to search engine optimization and online video marketing. Most business owners are familiar with website creation and they do search engine submission to help get their website noticed by search engine tracking. Online video, on the other hand, may be foreign territory.

Small Business Owners Can Create Video for Marketing

Even though most individuals are familiar with home video cameras, they may not realize that they can create a useful and effective online video with even simple video equipment. Videos add important information and live action to website promotion and should definitely be included in design. In addition, putting that short and simple video up on a free social media website like YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn can expose that advertising message to millions of potential viewers. Read more...

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Incorporate Videos into Your Content Marketing Strategy

In order to succeed online today, it’s important to create and publish quality content on a regular basis. No matter what industry you are in, the Internet is a competitive place. Nearly all businesses have websites and are trying to get the attention of target audience members, but having a website isn’t enough today. In order to improve the chances of being found online, businesses need to create content that can be found across the web. Each piece of content that is created has the potential to be found in the search engines as long as they are properly optimized. Read more...

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Marketing Videos Don’t Need to Go Viral

When people think of content marketing, they tend to think primarily about text based content. But what about videos? They can be just as valuable a part of your content marketing as blog posts and articles are. After all, they can attract a different kind of audience. Some people would prefer to watch a video rather than read an article while browsing the web. Due to the popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube, individuals and businesses can upload and share a video in a matter of minutes. Some videos take off and go viral and are viewed by millions of people within a week or even a few days. It looks so easy. Create something awesome and your video will be seen by millions of people, right? Not really. In many cases, it’s hard to know what will “hit” or “miss” with a mass audience. And really, should you be catering to the masses anyway? Read more...

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5 Important Video Marketing Tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.  This proves that people want to watch videos to learn and to be entertained.  It’s important for marketers to take advantage of this and incorporate videos into their online marketing strategy.  While it may seem overwhelming, it really doesn’t have to be.  To make a video, all a company really needs is a camera, someone to film, and some simple editing software.  Videos can be made about just about anything ranging from a tour of the office, an employee interview, or a client testimonial. Read more...

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