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Is Facebook Marketing Good for Small Businesses?

Facebook is a social networking site that has more than 900 million users as of 2012. It is the most popular networking site in many countries, including the United States. Facebook launched a portal in 2011 that will help marketers … Continue reading

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Why Social Sharing Buttons are Important

If you know anything about online marketing and search engine optimization, you understand the importance of content. After all, without content, what is there to optimize and how do potential clients or customers learn anything about you? The content that … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s Legibility

Websites that make their customers work to read them are not the best way to get business. Minuscule fonts, text in colors that make it hard to see against the background color, and lines that are piled on top of … Continue reading

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5 Steps to a Successful Website

1: Create an Attention Grabbing Headline. When a visitor arrives at your website you only have a few seconds to grab there attention before they click the ‘back’ button and leave your site.  A clear headline that encourages your visitors … Continue reading

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Top 10 Deadly Web Design Sins

Many webmasters repeat the mistakes made by their predecessors. Take a look at these Top 10 most common web design sins. Have you fallen victim to any of these?

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PPC Search Tips – Landing Pages

I’m getting a little tired of all these newsletters and articles, “TOP TEN TIPS” and “Do These 4 Things and Make Millions”, it’s all about some golden check list that you MUST follow, if you don’t your face will fall … Continue reading

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