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What is a CRM? The Top 4 Ways it can Help Your Small Business

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools that any small business can utilize. It is as essential as hiring qualified and dedicated people, and more than likely to have more of a significant long-term effect than any individual employee would.

At its most basic, a CRM system for small businesses streamlines your business relationships as well as the information and data associated with them. Using CRM tools, you can store accounts, customer contacts, prospective client information, sales opportunities and leads in one central cloud location, allowing the information to be accessible by your entire workforce, in real time. Read more...

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2 Tips to Promoting Your Business Website in Spy-Mode

If you have just launched a business, you know that lots of effort and focus must go into promoting your website. Let’s face it, physical storefronts don’t have the same drawing power that a good website and consumer online reviews hold. People turn to the Internet to find any service ranging from restaurants to dry cleaning. If you aren’t aggressively promoting your website, your already established competition will eat you alive.

But in addition to marketing there is the urgent need to keep costs down while promoting at maximum efficiency. Knowing that your Webmaster / Internet marketer is utilizing paid time appropriately will help to speed up the process and keep expense at minimum levels. Continue reading to learn two necessary steps required to successfully promote a website and how monitoring software will give employers a better return on their investment. Read more...

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Promoting Your Business App with Social Media


If you have done your research and contracted a company to build an app for your business, now you need to get out there and promote it. One of the deciding factors that most likely motivated you to get an app is the fact that mobile app usage has gone up 35 percent in just the last year. This means that just as many people who watch TV also use apps every day.

When marketing your app, it naturally makes sense to turn to social media platforms as a starting point. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are free, and currently Facebook has more people using it than Google. Read more...

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Be More Productive with Gmail Notifier

Gmail NotifierLet’s face it – Google has done a great job with Gmail. It’s simple, clean and fast. Checking email couldn’t be any easier… or, can it?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier to manage your Gmail account, there’s this software called Gmail Notifier. It makes managing your Gmail accounts, a breeze. I say “accounts” because it allows you to manage up to 5 Gmail accounts with a single log in. Many of us who work online, have multiple Gmail accounts, and it sometimes can be a pain to log in and out of each account. Read more...

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How to Remember a Long Password

Password Security

Read this article if you want to protect your privacy and avoid data theft!

Everybody knows the importance of using a strong computer password. Even so, there’s a logical reason for highly guessable passwords like LOVE, QWERTY, JESUS and PASSWORD being all too common: We have human brains and too many digital accounts! Now that we’re expected to have unique passwords for so many services, it’s more difficult than ever to maintain mental notes of passwords that work. This article from the data privacy folks at gives you fun tips for creating and remembering passwords that are hard to crack. Read more...

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Search Engine Submissions in 2013

Search Engine SubmissionsSearch engine submissions have been on the downward trend since the early 2000’s. However, many people still utilize submission services to save time and increase exposure across the smaller search engines.

During the 90’s to early 2000’s, search engine submissions were the talk of the town and it seemed to be the fastest way to get a site indexed by the search engines.

These days, it’s a very different story. With the advancement of search engine technology, the time it takes to discover and index new web pages has drastically changed. Back in the days, it used to take weeks, if not months, to get a new site indexed in Google or Yahoo. But today, it can take as little as a few minutes to hours before a new page is indexed. Read more...

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5 Tips to Promote Your Website for Mobile Marketing

Smartphone usage is growing — so much so that, by 2014, smartphone users are estimated to outnumber desktop computer users. Mobile users generally need Web content on the go, so if they can’t find what they need on your website, they may go to your competitor instead.

Mobile users have a much smaller screen with which to view your website, which means your standard website just won’t work on a 3- or 5-inch mobile screen. A mobile website that displays crucial information, such as hours of operation, location, and menu items, will satisfy these users. Displaying the information in a sleek interface with legible font makes your site readable. Once you have a rudimentary website with basic search engine optimization, conduct search term research to understand what your visitors are looking for when they come to your site. Then, optimize your site by following these tips. Read more...

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Ignite SEO Review

Ignite SEO is a search engine optimization package which includes many research, submission and reporting tools. Along with the standard keyword research, backlink and rank tracking and reporting, Ignite SEO includes some tools to submit comments and posts to various blog, forum and content management system software, with the aim to build valuable high-quality backlinks.

The Interface

Although Ignite SEO is not the easiest piece of software to use, with a little playing around and experimentation, anyone computer-savvy can soon be comfortable with using its many tools and features. Most of the tools are fairly self-explanatory and the main tools include a brief description. The documentation is well written, including all the information you need, but overall the interface could do with a little work, which I think would result in opening Ignite SEO’s market up to beginners and intermediate users, rather than just the more advanced computer and Internet users. Read more...

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Top Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Search engine optimization involves various processes and tasks. In fact, website optimizers have to juggle links, anchor text, keywords and crawlers all at the same time. While the optimization process can’t be totally automated, there are free SEO tools that can make the work easier.
The number of SEO tools in the World Wide Web is overwhelming, and many of them are offered absolutely free. To make the right choices, here’s a detailed list of the best free SEO tools. These tools vary in the way they are being used.
These free SEO tools are designed for various purposes, but are nonetheless needed in the entire optimization process.

(No surprises here)

A search engine submission program, AddMe is one of the many free SEO tools that submit your URL to search engines so that Internet users can find you online.
It’s perfectly fine to be listed by the major search engines only, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, if you want a wider online audience, try this search engine submission tool.
One good thing about AddMe is that it submits websites to 20 different search engines. With such free SEO tools, you don’t have to go to each end every search engine to enhance your online presence.
After the search engine submission tool submits your site’s keywords, description and URL, you will begin to receive website traffic. Just note that it may take time for all search engines to include your site in their listings.
2. Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Console
One of the most popular free SEO tools, Google Analytics provides comprehensive information and detailed reports about your website. Among these reports are your site’s traffic behavior, funnel data and content visitation among others.
Analytics can also be considered another one of those website promotion tools. It lets you see which parts of your website are generating clicks and leads, as well as the parts to work on to improve website promotion. Tools like the Google Webmaster Console also provide similar information, such as crawling speed, crawling rate and how Google “sees” your backlinks among others.
3. Firefox with the Web Developer Extension
Firefox is a very flexible Web browser. It provides a wealth of useful extensions, including free SEO tools. The Web Developer extension lets you easily remove a site’s javascript components and cascading styles. It also allows you to look at a webpage’s external links. Perhaps the best part about the extension is that you can add your own website promotion tools and other SEO applications to the menu.
4. KeywordDiscovery
Another one of the free SEO tools that simplifies keyword research, KeywordDiscovery can generate top 100 keywords that can help improve your site’s rankings. You simply type in a seed keyword on the tool’s search term suggestion tool, and you get comprehensive keyword data gathered from more than 180 search engines.
5. SEO for Firefox
Other free SEO tools out there can’t match the amount of information this Firefox tool provides. This program gathers data on a particular page, along with information regarding a search engine.
Unlike most free SEO tools, SEO for Firefox allows you to directly export information from the SERPs to CSV. Also, the tool gives relevant information, such as page rank, domain age, cache data, backlinks in Yahoo, number of cached pages and number of .edu links among others.
6. Google PageRank Checker
Google’s PageRank Checker is one of the free SEO tools that are useful for just about anyone who has a site. It ranks a website according to how popular Google thinks it is. The highest score is 10 and the lowest is one. Furthermore, the ranking is based on the value of the links that lead to your site. The higher a link’s value, the better your site’s page rank.

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How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

There are generally two different kinds of tools that allow visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds. These tools are known as aggregators, or RSS news readers. As the content of an RSS feed changes, the RSS reader/aggregator will update itself automatically and display the new RSS feed items.

There are two types of aggregators — desktop aggregators, and web-based aggregators…

Desktop Aggregators

These are downloadable desktop applications that contain all of the RSS subscriptions. In most cases, you can group and categorize the RSS feeds that you subscribe to. When open, the RSS desktop reader will update all the RSS feeds that you have subscribed to, and new posts will appear in the RSS reader. Read more...

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