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What Is The True Value Of Customer Reviews?

The Value of Customer Reviews?

When businesses sell services and products, customers form opinions based on their satisfaction. These opinions are communicated through a variety of mediums, including word-of-mouth advertisement, online reviews, and more. And in today’s age and time, it is more important than ever to make sure these opinions are positive.

A bad review can put a sting on a company’s reputation, making it crucial to address all negative reviews in a timely manner. Not only do positive customer reviews help build customer trust but they can also help improve SEO. Let’s take a look at the true value of customer reviews. Read more...

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7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Copywriting Boost Website Traffic

Creating a successful blog or website not only requires high-quality content but content that is also easy to digest and find when searching online. Implementing a few copywriting tips when developing a new site of your own is a way to quickly increase your ranking in top search engines while also providing users with content that is genuinely helpful or useful to their everyday lives. Whether you want to grow a current website or if you are looking to launch a new blog from the ground up, using the right SEO copywriting tips can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success online. Read more...

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Which SEO Tools Are The Most Effective?

SEO Tools

You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is key to your site’s visibility across the Internet. With better SEO comes higher search engine rankings, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and, hopefully, your sales revenue. The question you need to be asking yourself, though, is what are the best SEO tools and tests to be taking advantage of? Not all of them are the same, and depending on your goals, you may be wasting your time by focusing on certain SEO tools and tests. For now, let’s take a quick look at four SEO tools you should be using regardless of your SEO goals; these tools and tests have proven themselves to be the most effective.  Read more...

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What are Backlinks and How do I Check Them?

What are Backlinks and How do I Check Them?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that an outside website uses to link their site to yours. It directs traffic to go to your website. Backlinks, also called inbound links, have many benefits, but not all SEO backlinks are equal. Search engine web crawlers use backlinks to determine the order of how websites rank in search. If you are looking for ways optimize your website for search, adding and checking backlinks should be a strategic part of your SEO process.

Benefit of Backlinks

Web crawlers count the number of inbound hyperlinks directed toward your website. When backlinks come from sites recognized as legitimate by the web crawlers, your content also gains authority. Essentially, backlinks tell crawlers that one website is vouching for the other. Read more...

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Get Free Website Traffic

Get Free Website Traffic

14 Simple Tips that Can and Will Produce Web Traffic

The more traffic your site has, the more exposure your brand will gain, hopefully translating into higher sales revenue. When increasing traffic to your site, you ideally want to make sure it is the right type of traffic — an audience that is interested in your product; these are the people who are most likely to make a purchase and refer other people to your site. When people visit your site, you can entice them to sign up for a newsletter, thus collecting their email and being able to promote your products and services to them on a long-term basis. And while many methods for increasing website traffic can cost a pretty penny, there are several options you can take advantage of that won’t cost you a dime. For now, let’s take a look at 14 simple tips that can and will produce free website traffic.  Read more...

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SEO Ranking Factors 2017

SEO Ranking Factors

SEMrush SEO Ranking Factors Study

Used by more than 1.5 million marketers across the world, SEMrush has become a highly-successful SaaS product. It has been discovered that direct website traffic is the most important and influential ranking factor; this is why it is so important to get users to go straight to your site. Recent research was conducted regarding the product, and here is a 2017 Summary of the SEM Rush SEO Ranking Factors study.

  • 65 percent of domains that have good rankings for high-volume keywords are HTTPS sites.
  • For domains ranking within the Top-3, their bounce rate is 49 percent. And it might be surprising to know that 18 percent of domains that rank well for high-volume keywords don’t actually have the keyword in the body of their content.
  • Three percent of backlinks contain a keyword in the anchor text.
  • Backlink factors are very important when it comes to rankings.
    • All backlink factors, except for those related to anchor texts, share 5th place in the backlink importance chart. And all of these factors impact one another, meaning if you change one factor but don’t change the others, you aren’t likely to see an improvement.
    Content with branded keywords will return more relevant but less popular websites in the top ranking positions. Keyword usage is still one of the most popular SEO techniques used today.
    • Keywords used in titles, meta descriptions, and the body of texts aren’t as influential as other ranking factors.

    What is the number one take away from the SEMRush research?

    Make sure your website is using HTTPS. If you don’t have an HTTPS site, you need to get one. The majority of domains in the high-volume group have an HTTPS version of their site. And when you create your site, don’t overlook the importance of analyzing behavior signals, such as whether or not customers are coming to your site via another site or directly through a search bar. If they are coming straight to your site, this is a good sign to Google and other search engines that your site has high authority and value. Read more...

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Use Car Dealer Customer Reviews to Your Advantage (Even the Negative Ones)

We work with a variety of car dealers, helping with their local search and collecting more customer reviews for their car dealerships. Not all car dealer reviews are positive.  We have outlined some of the challenges they have been facing and how they are resolved with some simple SEO and the a spirit of customer service.

Car Dealer Customer Reviews

The online review site is the new word of mouth. As much as you may want to create good business relationships with all of your customers, some of them will fall through the cracks. When this happens, you can expect a bad review! People are much more likely to write out of anger than they are when things go well. Read more...

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Nofollow Vs Dofollow and Link Building

Link building is one of the most important pieces of building a solid, reputable website. The problem is, building good links while avoiding links that will tank your search engine ranking is hard to do. Just when you think you get a handle on all of the inbound, outbound and internal links on your website, the rules about what is helpful will change. This post we cover what the difference is between nofollow and dofollow links, and how these impact link building.

nofollow and dofollow

Understanding the Importance of DoFollow Links

A dofollow link is a link you want Google to follow and consider when calculating the relevance of your website. Dofollow is the default on links for your website. When your website has useful information that others want to link to, you will begin to see incoming links from reputable sources. This type of link tells search engines (mainly Google) that your website is important and helpful to the website that the link originates from. Spammers were once able to get thousands of links within hours using this default setting, causing Google to come up with <rel=”nofollow”> to disallow bad links. Read more...

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How to maximize your web traffic using Mobile Voice Search

Just when you thought your website was fine, along comes Mobile Voice Search and as a small business you have to shift gears again.   But with a few strategic tweaks you can maximize the ability for Local Voice Search like: CortanaSiri Search, Google Voice Assistant to help potential clients find you.

Google Voice Search

In various in forms, these are all recognized names for artificially intelligent virtual assistants.  Potential customers and clients talk to them on their smartphones every day. They became readily available on the market, in 2014 – 2015, and rocketed in use to around 10 percent of global search volume. That is about 50 billion voice searches every month.  In fact, a Google study conducted by Northstar Research revealed that 41 percent of U.S. adults and 55 percent of teens use voice search on a daily basis. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity of one of these vital voice assistants finding your business. Read more...

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Are your customers reviewing you on Google? Here’s why they should

Google Customer Reviews

Consumers these days can find any service or item with a quick Google search. In a recent  article from Search Engine Watch, Customer reviews: The not-so-secret SEO tactic, points out this convenience for customers is why companies are seeing an increased need for transparency. It helps a business stand out from competitors. One of the ways a company will stand out is through Google Customer Reviews. We’ve highlighted key parts of the Search Engine Watch article we think are most important. Read more...

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