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Mobilegeddon’s Aftermath: The Biggest Winners and Losers

On April 21, Google rolled out another potentially game-changing update for webmasters. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon,” the update caused the world’s top search engine to prioritize websites that pass Google’s criteria for “mobile-friendliness.” In other words, if your website can’t “snap” itself … Continue reading

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Mobilegeddon is Here – Google’s Latest Major Algorithm Update

As you may have heard, Google released “Mobilegeddon” a few days ago. This is Google’s latest major update to their search algorithm. What makes this major is that it affects websites in all languages and countries. The basic gist of … Continue reading

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Google Algorithm Update: Penguin 3.0

Last week, Google rolled out the third update to its Penguin algorithm. The algorithm has started to affect web queries but will require several weeks to run. As we’ve discussed before, Penguin targets spam websites that attempt to gain relevance … Continue reading

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Bing Releases URL Keyword Stuffing Spam Filter

Stuffing keywords into your content just doesn’t work. MOZ explains that many people think it will help their page move up in the search engine’s ranking, but that studies on the subject have found that this technique’s effect is minimal. Plus, search … Continue reading

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Google Has Turned HTTPS into a Ranking Signal

On its Webmaster Central Blog, Google announced on August 6, 2014 that it will reward websites that use HTTPS by including the designation in its search engine ranking algorithm. HTTPS is secure encryption that layers HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) over TLS … Continue reading

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7 General Search Engines That You May Have Never Heard Of

When it comes to search engines, there are the big three, the middle three, and then everybody else. The names of the biggest (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) have actually become synonymous with searching. When it comes to everybody else, however, … Continue reading

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Is Google PageRank Gone for Good?

With no PageRank update since February, SEO experts are speculating that Google’s PageRank may be gone for good. In October, Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, announced that the Toolbar PageRank won’t be updated again this year–- despite the fact … Continue reading

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How Search Engine Technologies are Helping in the Fight Against Crime

Search engines have come a long way in a short period of time. Recent algorithm updates at Google have brought search one step closer to being a fully intelligent tool. Google now understands meaning and context to a far more … Continue reading

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A Designer’s Guide To Image Search

Designers regularly deal with images in their jobs, and image search engines provide great resources for accessing, comparing, and browsing quality images around the web. Let’s look at some of the ways image search can be used by designers to … Continue reading

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Search Engine Submissions in 2013

Search engine submissions have been on the downward trend since the early 2000’s. However, many people still utilize submission services to save time and increase exposure across the smaller search engines. During the 90’s to early 2000’s, search engine submissions … Continue reading

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