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Poll: How Did You Build Your Website?

Our poll question for May 2013 was: How did you build your website?

155 people responded to this poll and here are the results:

  • I do not have a website – 56/155 (36%)
  • Used a CMS program like WordPress – 31/155 (20%)
  • Used an HTML editing software – 29/155 (19%)
  • Used an online site builder service – 23/155 (15%)
  • Hired a web designer – 16/155 (10%)
  •

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    Did you Register a Domain Name for your Web Business?

    The results are in for our March poll. Over 800 people participated in this poll.

    Question: Did you register a domain name for your web business?

    • Yes – 128/823 (16%)
    • No – 695/823 (84%)

    As you can see, an overwhelming majority of our readers have not registered a domain name for their Internet business. We recommend that you register a domain name for your business if you have not done so already. In today’s business world, building your online presence should be a top priority especially if you are in a competitive industry.

    We recommend for new domain registrations. They offer everyday low prices on domain names, as well as free whois privacy protection. Read more...

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    How do you Plan on Promoting your Website or Blog?

    We publish a new poll every month here at, and we thought it would be good to start sharing the information with the community. So, here are the first poll results.

    Over 2,500 people responded to our February 2013 poll.

    Question: How do you plan on promoting your website or blog?

  • Banner advertising – 29/2541 (1%)
  • Buy traffic – 33/2541 (1%)
  • PPC – 24/2541 (1%)
  • Social media – 80/2541 (3%)
  • SEO – 243/2541 (10%)
  • I dont know yet – 2132/2541 (84%)
  •

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