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5 Crowdfunding Sites to Help You Raise Money for a New Project or Good Cause

CrowdfundingSmall business owners or those who are considering a business or philanthropic venture all have one thing in common: They need funding at one point or another. One method of raising funds that is growing in popularity is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to tap into the better nature of people and encourage them to invest money to help your business grow, to launch a new business or to help fund a charity either for a one-time event or as an ongoing endeavor.

Currently, crowdfunding does not require SEC approval but this may change as legislation is currently pending which may hamper investments that are debt or equity based. In general, crowdfunding does not require a payback of funds received but it is also important to review the platform you select carefully to determine what fees are involved as well as to determine whether they use a “KIA” or keep it all approach or an “AON” all or none approach. Read more...

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5 Sites That Pay You to Write

Get Paid To WriteGetting paid for writing can be a great way to earn your keeps while working from home. There are a multitude of websites and services online that pay you for writing articles and content. Some are revenue based and others pay you based on the traffic (or eyeballs) that happens across your work. Either can offer a very nice income stream, provided you are prepared to write a lot. The sites below will allow you to earn some extra money as an aside. Most wannabe writers will never strike it reach with these sites since they require you to build up your profiles first – meaning you have to write a reasonable amount of articles – before you can expect to earn a decent recurring income. Read more...

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Maximize Your Domain Revenue

We all want to have more spare time, so why not try the free parking
manager that provides all the statistics and tests your domain parking
performance, all in one place? Parking Manager allows domain
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revenue-share.pngThis pie graph shows the breakdown in the share of revenue for each service in the last seven days.

Is it easy to use? Absolutely! Parking Manager allows you to view and compare your domain results, as it provides detailed statistics on daily revenue, traffic and demographics. Read more...

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