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How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

1000 followers on instagram

Long before the days of Facebook, Friendster, and Myspace, when we spent our days rushing home to send a crush a “nudge” on MSN, the effects of social media were not as wide spread. Today we truly live in a technological world, where every delicious meal and awesome workout can be shared with the world in an instant.

Today Instagram is King. With more than 150 million monthly active users registered, it’s bigger than Twitter and closing in on Facebook. With the ability to mark your location, hashtag keywords, and the ability to send photos and videos to followers makes Instagram one of the hottest social media platforms available. Read more...

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5 Ways to Promote Your Travel Website

From last minute airfare steals to world trip reviews, travel websites are big business these days. That means two things for your travel website. First, the good news: no matter what travel niche your site is covering, you’ve got a huge audience that’s eager to learn more about the subject at hand. Now, the bad news: there are thousands and thousands of other travel websites all fighting to be found. How is your site going to stand out?

Sure, the big guys like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Frommers, Lonely Planet and Afar may capture a big chunk of search traffic. But with smart promotion, you can still build a strong audience for your website. These five tips will help you break through the cyber clutter and promote your website to the right target audience. Read more...

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5 Basic Steps to Launching Your Business Online

Launching Biz OnlineWhat steps are you taking today to launch your business online? No matter if you sell a product or provide a service, an online presence is a must-have for any type of business. Being online allows consumers to find you. It gives you a new avenue to market your business as well. Though it may seem as though launching your business online is difficult, too time consuming, or too expensive, that’s not always the case. With a few helpful steps, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals with these tips. Read more...

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Affects Business Listing Errors Have On Your Sales: Fix Them Now!

Business Listing ErrorsThe life of your business depends on people being able to contact and find your business so you can make a sale. All of your advertising dollars are spent at promoting your products and services in as many marketing areas including online business directories. Unfortunately, one little mistake on the listing directory can affect how people find your business. Incorrect names, addresses and other information can frustrate customers trying to seek out the services you provide, as the store doors remain closed and the aisles empty. Read more...

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Defend Your Brand With Online Reputation Management

We spend enormous amounts of time and money projecting the right image to our customers, making sure that we communicate the value of our products and services. However, all of that investment can be destroyed in an instant by negative publicity, whether or not that criticism is justified. For example, it is easy for a disgruntled ex-employee to post misleading and malicious information online – if they know what they are doing, they can even get it ranked highly on Google. The same applies to negative customer reviews – even if you have 97% customer satisfaction, the other 3% are probably the most vocal, and can easily ruin your reputation with what they say online. The sad truth is that negative comments are a magnet for discontent, leading to a snowball effect that is out of all proportion to the actual issue. In fact, sometimes even simple misunderstandings can escalate into major media coverage. For example, take a look at this story about how Budget got into trouble because they gave a customer a discount in error and then tried to correct the situation – this story was even mentioned in Forbes. Read more...

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Direct Navigation Traffic vs PPC

What is direct navigation traffic?

Direct navigation, also called domain redirect traffic, is when a visitor is redirected from one domain to another.

There are various uses for domain redirection, but for the purpose of this article, we will discuss direct navigation as a means to drive traffic to a website. While direct navigation has been around for years, its advertising potential has taken a backseat to many other forms of online advertising. To this day, direct navigation has still not hit the mainstream due to the lack of publicity as well as being a close kept secret for many online marketing veterans. Read more...

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Five Ways to Protect your Brand’s Online Reputation

The sweet, spicy or the bitter; whatever is talked or posted about your brand onto the web most likely stays forever and has a reasonable impact on the perception about your brand in the eyes of your prospective clients. Your brand’s bio data is just a couple words and clicks away with the impartial search engines. One search could make or break all your aspirations linked to your brand.

There are many mediocre turned big brands that made it there by wittily deploying their presence on the web, while on the other hand there are great brands that simple neglected to make a compelling online presence and hence gradually lost the grip on their biz. If you have a brand that falls in the latter category, it is high time for your take the right measures to safeguard your brand’s online reputation before things go out of hand. Read more...

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Promoting Your Company with Rich Media Content Marketing

rich media playerRich media content can take many forms. From streaming videos to downloadable apps, rich media can refer to any type of digital content with an interactive component. Because of its vast popularity with internet users, rich media content is now being incorporated – to good effect – in many marketing campaigns worldwide. But how can rich media content benefit your company?

The Benefits of Rich Media

First and foremost, rich media benefits web users by enhancing their overall web experience. Primarily a visual medium, rich media is capable of integrating both audio and visual components into a powerful creative message, which is capable of delivering information in a highly effective way. Read more...

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Online Marketing Priorities: Business Website First, then Social

Savvy business owners now realize the importance of a social media strategy. After all, social media is where the people are. Millions of people sign into at least one social media account on a daily, or even hourly, basis and the majority of social media users use more than one social media site regularly. This means that marketers need to be in the social space too. Social media for business isn’t just a customer service tool, but it’s also a way to improve brand awareness and should be integrated with all other marketing efforts. Social media is important. We’re not saying that it isn’t, however some businesses are starting to have the wrong online marketing priorities and are favoring their social sites over their business website. Here’s why that’s a bad idea: Read more...

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2 Tips to Promoting Your Business Website in Spy-Mode

If you have just launched a business, you know that lots of effort and focus must go into promoting your website. Let’s face it, physical storefronts don’t have the same drawing power that a good website and consumer online reviews hold. People turn to the Internet to find any service ranging from restaurants to dry cleaning. If you aren’t aggressively promoting your website, your already established competition will eat you alive.

But in addition to marketing there is the urgent need to keep costs down while promoting at maximum efficiency. Knowing that your Webmaster / Internet marketer is utilizing paid time appropriately will help to speed up the process and keep expense at minimum levels. Continue reading to learn two necessary steps required to successfully promote a website and how monitoring software will give employers a better return on their investment. Read more...

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