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Repeated Violations of Google Webmaster Guidelines

On September 18, 2015 Google released a note to website owners regarding the recent increase in Webmaster Guidelines violations. The Google post alerted website owners about the automated and manual actions that are taken against websites that violate the listed Webmaster Guidelines. Website owners can now see which areas of their site have violated the guidelines. The sites can then be fixed to realign with the listed guidelines. Once the site has been fixed it can be submitted as a “reconsideration request” to Google. By taking the steps needed to fix the site, the manual action can be removed. However, if you want to avoid a violation in the first place, then there are several steps that you should take. Read more...

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Google’s Latest Update: Quality Update aka Phantom Update

The Google algorithm experts are at it again. Earlier this month Google officially confirmed to Search Engine Land that it has performed another “quality update.” This quality update has appropriately been dubbed the “Phantom Update.” But what does it mean to the average website user? What does it entail for small business owners?

What is the “Phantom Update” and what does it mean for your site?

There are a fair amount of rumors concerning Google’s “Phantom Update” swirling around webmaster blogs and SEO chat rooms. In essence, the update has shown that Google has made changes to its core ranking algorithm. The recent changes are aimed at better processing website quality signals. In other words, quality will continue to “reign queen” on Google’s search ranking algorithm. Read more...

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Google in Beta Testing of Domain Registration Services

Google Domains

What have you’ve been doing to build up a business presence online? If you said that you haven’t even thought about taking your business online, you are not alone. Over 55% of small business owners haven’t made the leap into e-commerce. Yet more people are searching for information about businesses online due to its convenience. So as a business owner, you want to set the right impression from the start for these potential customers by getting yourself on the Web.

Google wants to help your business have an online presence and become a success. On June 23, 2014, beta testing began for the new Google Domains. Instead of just punching in domain names hoping you get lucky and find the one that is available, Google wants to ease the process by letting you pick out a domain name that fully captures the essence of your business as you’ll have a better chance of capturing web traffic interested in your products. Read more...

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4 Simple Ways To Get The Most Out Of Google+

Google PlusIf you’re on Google+, then you know it can be quite different from other social media platforms. Some may even say it’s confusing when you first start out, but it really just takes a bit of getting used to. Once you master all the basics, then you’ll be able to handcraft your account and tailor it specifically to your life and your personal interests. Check out the list below to discover four simple ways to get the most out of your Google+ account!

1. Follow Your Favorite Brands

As Google+ continues to grow in popularity, more and more companies are creating accounts in order to connect with their customers on a larger social scale. This is because social media has become a vital element of brand marketing, so a lot of companies create posts that are exclusive to each social networking platform. So even if you’re already following your favorite brands on other sites like Twitter or Facebook, you should still follow them on Google+. You’ll be able to see all their updates, which could include some awesome information that you wouldn’t be able to obtain elsewhere like deals, promo codes, breaking company news, and more. Read more...

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Penguin 4: Prepare Your Business Website for the Next Update

google penguin 4 updateLast month, Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that the Penguin update (Penguin 4) will be rolled out later this year, with hopes that it may be a little earlier than they first planned – and word on the Google grapevine is that Penguin number 4 is going to be a big one.

During a live blogging session with Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Round Table for the SMX West Search Marketing Expo in San Jose, California, Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts revealed that Penguin’s next update would be coming soon in 2013, with no real indication of when. But many rumours have sparked since, with SEO experts expecting algorithm updates imminently. Read more...

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6 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Google in 2013

google logoFor months, marketing pros have been warning us about the trends that could potentially shape the digital landscape in 2013. Now that a new year has finally arrived, it’s time to start finding out which predictions will actually pan out. A lot of the focus was shun directly on Google, so in this post, we will look at six reasons why the search giant deserves the spotlight over the next calendar year.

1. Search is Getting More Competitive (sort of)

According to data from comScore, Bing set a milestone for Microsoft by gaining 16% of the search market share in the U.S. in October, 2012. It should be noted that the same set of data reveals that Google reached 66.9, which was a record for the company. While Google appears to have things in order on the search front, it is clear to see that internet consumers are looking beyond its core product to discover content. StumbleUpon, Twitter, and YouTube, the second largest search engine, are among the tools competing for the attention of Google Search users. Read more...

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Be More Productive with Gmail Notifier

Gmail NotifierLet’s face it – Google has done a great job with Gmail. It’s simple, clean and fast. Checking email couldn’t be any easier… or, can it?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier to manage your Gmail account, there’s this software called Gmail Notifier. It makes managing your Gmail accounts, a breeze. I say “accounts” because it allows you to manage up to 5 Gmail accounts with a single log in. Many of us who work online, have multiple Gmail accounts, and it sometimes can be a pain to log in and out of each account. Read more...

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Google Alerts is a Great Online Marketing Tool

Message AlertWe all know that Google is a great resource. Ask anyone where they go to find important information and there’s a good chance that they will respond that they “Google it.” However, Google has so much more to offer beyond search capabilities. For website owners, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are necessary tools that provide vital information about the performance of the website. These tools provide an inside glimpse of how Google views the website and allows website owners to make changes as necessary. While these are arguably the most important tools for website owners to use, Google offers plenty more. One often underutilized tool is Google Alerts. Read more...

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What You Need To Know About Penguin & Panda Updates

It is natural for webmasters to want to have their sites set up for search engine optimization (SEO) to gain high placement in browser searches by potential customers. Along with performing adequate search engine submission and fine-tuning the landing page content, it is important to keep up to date on how the most popular search engines are changing their search methods.

Some of this information is publicly disclosed; a website like Search Engine Watch maintains regular updates, and so do many site submission companies like Read more...

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10 Essential Free Blogging Tools – Thanks Google!

free blogging tools

As most companies and individuals have realised, blogging is not just a great way to get your information out there, done properly it is a big part of any search engine optimisation strategy. Google created a whole industry and to get the most out of your blogging, and develop your content (articles), they loaded it with a range of tools that can be used to assist your blogging – not really too surprising is it? Here is a list of the essential 10 great not only for SEO, but for developing and working your content and blog.
Gmail. If you are not using it then you should. The spam filter really does work. Say goodbye to computer file clutter and store it all in your account.
Google Docs. This is kind of part of your Gmail and many people don’t even know it exists. It is like having a global intra-net with anyone you choose. With added features such as online file sharing and much online software available, and loads upon loads of space, if you are not taking advantage of it, you really do not know what you are missing. Kiss goodbye Microsoft’s expensive and bug-prone Office and other common tools you used to use. Save everything online and never have to worry about keeping your folders and files in order again – they wont even be on your computer. This is the safest form of storage for anyone on the go, and is even easier to share.
Search – Additional Features. Sure we all use Google search, but with a range of other search functions it can be seriously beneficial to any blogger. Real-time search is great because it searches Twitter and other blogs (among other things) and is a great way to keep track of what is going on, on any particular day. Selecting the super cool tool of Wonder Wheel, after conducting a search is great for article ideas that relate to your searched phrase, and to help you improve search keywords good for your website. This works like one of those visual thesaurus sites, but importantly in terms of searches and content on the web.
YouTube. You tube is a great way to give you a whole new traffic source and because Google owns YouTube it interfaces well with all of your optimisation strategies. YouTube will do wonders for how much Google likes your site, and the chances you are going to come up higher on searches is extremely high. Add video spice to your site and forget about hosting.
Google Chrome. There is nothing better than a great web browser to handle your web design as smoothly as you made it. Chrome is incredibly fast and there is just not another browser that can compete with it.
Feedburner. This is the most popular service used by most bloggers to manage their RSS feed. Switch to Feedburner and you will manage your Feed with ease – perform other tasks like track click through rates and add AdSense to Feedburner Feeds.
Google Alerts. Every blogger should be using this. It is the single most effective way to be monitoring yourself or your brand online. You enter certain terms and get emailed whenever blogs or websites use those terms. Enter your name, or your brand, and you will be notified if they are used in other websites. Another way to use it is to set it for terms that you are interested in — a great way to find sources of information relative to you, and a form of update.
Google Analytics. Yes everyone is using it. It is extremely powerful and tracks and records all sorts of information in relation to your blog and site. Go there and check it out for yourself, because if you are doing SEO then you just have to be using it. Set it up for your blog easily after a signing up for a Google Analytics account.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to see how often certain words and phrases are searched for in Google. There are a number of ways we can use this information, from choosing new keyword rich domain names, getting an idea of PPC (pay per click) advertising, and a relative indication of what you might be earning from one of your AdSense adverts that is targeting that keyword. A great way to better understand which keywords to focus on.
AdSense. A simple way to get some income from your site, and all it takes is for you to sign up for an account and add a little amount of code to your site and you will have adverts. The best and easiest way to earn money if someone clicks on them, although the amount will depend on the content of your blog and the value of the keywords to the advertisers.

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