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How To Grow Sales With Email Remarketing?

email-marketing-retargetSometimes, your first email campaign may fall short of any expectations you had regarding sales and driving web traffic. When you want another opportunity to appeal to subscribers, loyal customers, and even newly-registered users on your website, learn how email remarketing campaigns can help. Email remarketing campaigns are useful to drive sales, boost web traffic, and increase the overall revenue you generate. 

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting campaigns provide you with the opportunity to reach your subscribers and followers with data you have already collected from your users. They are extremely valuable when you want to test new marketing methods to determine the most effective methods of connecting with prospective shoppers. Some of the most common remarketing campaigns involve: Read more...

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Best Tools For Online Marketing In 2018

Best Tools For Online MarketingLong gone are the days when a business could thrive without an online marketing strategy. In fact, today, they can barely survive without at least somewhat of an online presence not to mention a full blown online marketing strategy. As a business owner, one way to improve your overall reach is to embrace online marketing. If you aren’t sure how, this content is for you. The following are just a few of the best free tools you as a business owner can implement to get your online marketing strategy moving in the right direction: Read more...

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6 Email Tips To Make You Love Email Marketing (Again)

Maximize Your Reach With These Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Running successful email campaigns requires more than the ability to provide discounts, deals, and even freebies to your readers and potential customers. Even if you are proud of your company or the services you offer, grabbing the attention of your subscribers is a necessity in today’s internet-centric society. Knowing how to maximize your reach with any email campaign you have in mind is a way to increase the number of opens you receive while also boosting your ROI and ability to generate sales and revenue.  Read more...

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Boost Customer Loyalty With These 5 Email Marketing Tips

Creative Email Marketing Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your customers and boost customer loyalty . At the same time, spamming them with too much content or irrelevant information can drive your customers away. If you don’t want all your emails to go unread, learn to craft the right messages at key moments to get people in the buying mood. Try these five smart techniques to retain your best customers and generate steady business from them.

1. Automate Emails to Different Customer Segments

If you’re sending the same content to your entire email list, now is a good time to stop. A one-track approach might work when you’re first starting out, but the needs of your audience will branch out as you develop more products or content. This is where a wealth of customer data comes in handy. Start segmenting your audience into groups based on details such as age, gender, interests, occupation, or purchase frequency. Buyer personas will be different for every marketer, depending on which factors drive your customers to make purchases. Read more...

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Does Your Subject Line Actually Engage Your Subject?

Does Your Subject Line Actually Engage Your Subject?

It’s official – the average human being literally has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Microsoft researchers found that the average human no longer pays attention to most things longer than eight seconds. The study was conducted in Canada, but really – do you think that mobile first societies like the United States, Australia, the UK or even Brazil are any better?

Emails fare slightly better than the overall average. Because of the endless techniques that highly motivated marketers constantly employ, the average person stays glued to the average email for 11 seconds, not eight. Wow. So all it takes is decades of research, years of schooling and hours of department meetings for three more seconds of time with your customer! That’s worth it. Read more...

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Email Marketing: Mistakes to be Avoided

When it comes to online marketing, email marketing has become the most popular, as well as the most effective. This type of marketing makes it possible to reach a large audience both instantaneously and simultaneously, and it provides business owners with a solid foundation for expanding their brand awareness. What you need to realize, however, is that while there is a right way to go about email marketing, there are also a few wrong ways. Let’s take a quick look at the top four email marketing mistakes you should avoid.  Read more...

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The Economics of Marketing By Email

Marketing by email has been arguably one of the most successful promotional strategies of recent times, and one that continues to drive results for business and organizations across sectors. It is a low-cost method of reaching out to individuals en masse, with measurable, trackable results allowing for campaigns to be tweaked and fine-tuned for performance. The economics of email marketing make it an intriguing model for those promoting anything online. With additional insight and analysis, it can be feasible to create campaigns that perpetuate in value, delivering the most effective combination of email content as borne out by the facts. Read more...

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Optimizing your Email Marketing Strategy

Email MarketingThe number of businesses that now choose to conduct their marketing online has risen exponentially. Most businesses now operate a website and / or mailing list, and those who don’t will find themselves missing out on a huge share of advertising potential.

Digital marketing has diversified considerably and is now available in more forms than was ever possible for traditional marketing strategies. It is also more cost effective and quicker than traditional advertising, and can take place across many platforms; social networks and email being the two most popular. Read more...

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The Best Strategies for Email Marketing

Email MarketingIf you own a business, you know that traditional marketing can get very expensive over time. Not only do you have to print marketing materials, you also have to invest in customized envelopes, stamps, and even names and addresses. While traditional marketing is still a focus for some business owners, owners who are looking to increase their Return on Investment while they generate a larger book-of-business are shifting their focus to email marketing. Email marketing is far more affordable than direct mail marketing and often offers a greater ROI if you use all of the most successful strategies. Here are some of the best strategies you should consider implementing into your email marketing campaign: Read more...

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Top 4 Best Practices For Doing Email Newsletters

While there’s no doubt that you almost certainly need some sort of email newsletter to promote a site, blog, product or service online, there’s a great deal of nervousness and hand-wringing as to how it should be done.

The reason is because email newsletters, in the mind of many, border all-too-closely to spam and other unsolicited email. Though email newsletters, if done well, can be a great benefit to the recipient as well as the sender, a poorly-done newsletter can actually damage your reputation and unsell your site or product. Read more...

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