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Is Google PageRank Gone for Good?

Google PageRankWith no PageRank update since February, SEO experts are speculating that Google’s PageRank may be gone for good. In October, Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, announced that the Toolbar PageRank won’t be updated again this year–- despite the fact that many people still use PageRank as a crude measurement of a website’s performance. If PageRank really is gone, what measurements can businesses use instead?

PageRank: Does it Still Matter?

Google PageRank is one of the many factors that Google has used to determine the importance of a web page and where this page ranks in search engine results. Originally developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PageRank was the first clear measurement of a page’s importance, based primarily on the number of links leading to a specific page. Each link leading to a page is treated as a “vote” for that specific page; in theory, the more backlinks that a page has, then the more relevant that page is – hence the page ranked higher in search results. To find a website’s PageRank, you can install the Google Toolbar on your browser or use a PageRank checking tool. Sites are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10; with 10 being the highest. Very few sites have been able to achieve a PR10. Read more...

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History of Data Storage – Infographic

Here is an interesting infographic which outlines the history of computer and cloud storage.

Thanks to Stackify for this infographic.

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How to Remember a Long Password

Password Security

Read this article if you want to protect your privacy and avoid data theft!

Everybody knows the importance of using a strong computer password. Even so, there’s a logical reason for highly guessable passwords like LOVE, QWERTY, JESUS and PASSWORD being all too common: We have human brains and too many digital accounts! Now that we’re expected to have unique passwords for so many services, it’s more difficult than ever to maintain mental notes of passwords that work. This article from the data privacy folks at gives you fun tips for creating and remembering passwords that are hard to crack. Read more...

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Keyword Research: Your Visitors are Not Robots

Keyword ResearchMost small business owners are not proficient with keyword research. If you spend a little bit of time looking at the comments of any number of marketing blogs and forums, you’ll see story after story of websites that never rank for their keywords. And if they do, they never convert their visitors into subscribers or customers. The truth is – with the right approach and follow-through, keyword research can lead to an effective marketing campaign.

Most start with a specific niche, like “playing the guitar”. Then they open up the Google Keyword Tool, paste in their main keyword and look for terms that get traffic without massive competition. Read more...

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Infographic: 3 Types That Work Best

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to get a complex message or theory through to an audience. Although the written word is amazingly powerful, sometimes it can just be easier to use infographics to get your point across. But what is an infographic and how do they work? Here’s an explanation and a few examples of effective infographics.

What Is An Infographic?

Infographics are pictorial representations of information that could also be written in an article. Think along the lines of a graph or pie chart if you will. A pie chart could contain information about what type of food people like to eat on a night out. It could tell you that 40% of people like Indian cuisine, 30% like Chinese cuisine, 20% like American, and 10% like Fish and chips. Read more...

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Smart Tactics for Increasing Blog Traffic

1. Cover topics that require attention

Every niche has particular questions that are frequently asked, but rarely have conclusive answers. Whereas this recommendation can be helpful for most content based sites, it is particularly applicable with blogs. Invest the effort and time to research, compile and deliver, and you are guaranteed linkable content that will draw new subscribers and visitors.

2. Pay attention to analytics

Visitor tracking software can show you which posts your visitors like best, which ones are not viewed and how search engines are directing traffic. You can use these clues to act and improve your tactics. Feedburner is ideal for RSS. Action tracking can also be a great addition to your blog. This will enable you to see which sources of traffic are attracting the best quality visitors (in terms of number of page views, time spent on the site etc.). Read more...

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How Sociable are You on The Social Web?

Today I want to share with you a great little social networking tool called How Sociable: It is a tool designed to report on a brand’s visibility within the social web.

At a recent eBay event one of the guest speakers started talking about how we can leverage social platforms and drive traffic from these platforms to our sites and stores, one of the tricks is knowing which platform to target, enter How Sociable.

Using How Sociable is simple, enter your brand into the search box and click the button, the tool queries a variety of social networks for your brand. Within seconds the tool presents an easy to read graphical report. The report contains a count for each time your “brand” appeared with in each network. You can then click on each social network and view in more detail where and how you’re appearing. Read more...

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Google Trends, Historical Search Trends in Google

Now here’s a service Google has offered for some time now which is yet to get enough recognition, Google Trends.
Google Trends is a brilliant service giving you insight into historical search trends, complete with pretty graphs.

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