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Link Building in the Content Marketing Era – Infographic

Whenever Google makes a change to their search algorithm, the entire SEO industry listens and adapts. Link building, which is a big part of SEO, have evolved as a result.This infographic offers a visual comparison between the link building strategies of old vs new.

Link Building in the Content Marketing Era

Thanks to Media Whiz for this awesome infographic!

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Psychology Applied to Web Design

psychology web designWhile studying psychology is not any quick or easy task, learning a few basic fundamentals can go a long way when it comes to web design. If you take the time to think about what your visitors want and how best to help them get it then the rest follows suit quite quickly. Most of the concepts relevant to web design are fairly straight forward, so here’s a few tips to help ease you into applying psychology to your next website.

Can You Have Too Many Options?

In a study carried out by a Sheeya Iyengar, Graduate of Columbia University, it’s been shown that choice is actually demotivating. She came to this conclusion with her ‘Jam Study’ in which she set up a display selling jam, but alternating between offering 24 flavors and 6 flavors. It was shown that when presented with many options, people often just choose to do nothing rather than weigh up the options. This is said to be the human brains ‘Safety choice’. Read more...

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Be Selective with Guest Blog Submissions

Publishing content on a regular basis has become a necessary component of an online marketing campaign today. Content is what engages target audience members and attracts the attention of search engine spiders. It also helps to fuel a social media strategy by ensuring that there is always something worthy of sharing with followers. In order to maintain this steady stream of content, it’s recommended to add a blog to your website. It helps to keep your website content “fresh” which is viewed favorably by both the search engines and target audience members. Read more...

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Promoting Your Company with Rich Media Content Marketing

rich media playerRich media content can take many forms. From streaming videos to downloadable apps, rich media can refer to any type of digital content with an interactive component. Because of its vast popularity with internet users, rich media content is now being incorporated – to good effect – in many marketing campaigns worldwide. But how can rich media content benefit your company?

The Benefits of Rich Media

First and foremost, rich media benefits web users by enhancing their overall web experience. Primarily a visual medium, rich media is capable of integrating both audio and visual components into a powerful creative message, which is capable of delivering information in a highly effective way. Read more...

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6 Tips for Quickly Creating Blog Posts

blog quickMost likely, you will already have a method for creating posts for your blog. Enhancing your productivity with techniques that make your posts relevant and timely is, however, always beneficial. Your audience reads your blog in order to get information that matters to them and advances their knowledge. This means the content needs to be specific and time sensitive. Posting something about, say, the rise of Amazon is not relevant to your readers unless you include new information or analysis and stay ahead of the curve. Read more...

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How can a Small Business Leverage Blog Content to its Maximum Potential?

blog contentThe prime challenge for a small business in capturing the B2B and / or B2C market is to create a content marketing strategy that draws readership and converts into sales. Call it a lack of adequate knowledge or understanding of how an online business functions, most small businesses fail miserably in content marketing via blogging.

The general idea is that all one needs is a blog, write few posts and people will follow you. It doesn’t happen this way in the real world! It is never enough to write a few blogs, share it on social networks and expect to gain loyal buyers. If you’re following this process, no wonder all those dollars spent in creating content is wasted! Read more...

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Take the Right Approach to Guest Blogging

If you want to get noticed online today just having a website or even a few social profiles isn’t going to cut it. Every business in your industry is doing the same thing. In order to stand out and improve SEO efforts you will need to be creating content on a regular basis. Good content will get noticed by target audience members and search engine spiders alike. For SEO purposes content marketing is essential because it helps build links pointing to a site and delivers traffic. Creating fresh content on your own blog is a great start but eventually it’s important to branch out and start to look for guest blogging opportunities. It’s just important to have the right priorities when it comes to guest blogging. Don’t just guest blog to get a link. Read more...

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4 Places to Put Keywords in your Blog for Optimum Search Results

One term that redundantly occurs in the blogosphere’s SEO industry is – Keyword. No wonder though. Keyword is indeed an important facet in blogging. The choice and deployment of keywords, to a large extent determines the success or failure of your blog. This is the reason why many are making heaps of money from keyword research these days. Keyword research is slightly complicated for new bloggers and it is understood if you opt to hire someone for the job. But if you are going to look out for someone to place the keywords in your blog, then stop here. It is quite easy to figure out yourself where a keyword must fit within your blog. All you need to be aware of is, what all and where all the search-bots crawl. Read more...

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SEO Forecast for 2013: Focus on Consumers – Infographic

This infographic is courtesy of Here’s a look at the SEO landscape in 2013. Remember to focus on what really matters – your customers!

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7 Ways to Kill Your Blog

Running a blog may sound easy but trust me, nothing in this world is harder. It takes a lot of time, energy and hard work to grow a blog and take it to the next level. Only when your blog gets a steady flow of readers, it will start gaining momentum and make itself worthy of generating revenue or profit. But getting to that level is climbing a mountain, the more you climb, the more difficult it gets.

A blog is like a tree, it takes years to grow a tree but in order to cut one, you just need an axe and half an hour of your time. In the same way, you can achieve the apex of your blogging success in 5 years and then crash like a rocket, if you’re not careful with basic blogging principles. Read more...

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