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7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Copywriting Boost Website Traffic

Creating a successful blog or website not only requires high-quality content but content that is also easy to digest and find when searching online. Implementing a few copywriting tips when developing a new site of your own is a way to quickly increase your ranking in top search engines while also providing users with content that is genuinely helpful or useful to their everyday lives. Whether you want to grow a current website or if you are looking to launch a new blog from the ground up, using the right SEO copywriting tips can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success online. Read more...

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What are Backlinks and How do I Check Them?

What are Backlinks and How do I Check Them?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that an outside website uses to link their site to yours. It directs traffic to go to your website. Backlinks, also called inbound links, have many benefits, but not all SEO backlinks are equal. Search engine web crawlers use backlinks to determine the order of how websites rank in search. If you are looking for ways optimize your website for search, adding and checking backlinks should be a strategic part of your SEO process.

Benefit of Backlinks

Web crawlers count the number of inbound hyperlinks directed toward your website. When backlinks come from sites recognized as legitimate by the web crawlers, your content also gains authority. Essentially, backlinks tell crawlers that one website is vouching for the other. Read more...

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Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

When you are a small business, any kind, whether it’s an auto dealership, a lawyer, an accounting firm or a massage therapist, there is one commonality. People.

Customer Demographics & Small Business

Knowing your customer demographic, your perfect three customers can help you define all the marketing you do. But in the blur of (SEO)search engine optimisation, utilizing Facebook small business features, website promotion, promoting website traffic and using social media what do you do.

By defining your demographic and your business, you can choose the best social media to use. You can also choose the best times to launch ads, and information. Read more...

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business

Your audience is on social media. If you do not tap the growing user base, your competitors will. So, until you enjoy leaving money on the table, you should adopt social media to achieve business goals. As a small business owner, you may be reluctant to adopt social media due to various reasons such as lack of adequate time and resources, nature of the business, etc. I know, the resources are scarce. But let me tell you that you can still use this flourishing medium to expand your business despite all the limitations. Read more...

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Do you need help with your social media?

Facebook Store

Social media is an incredibly effective way to gain more traffic and generate new leads.

Using the right tools makes reaching your social media goals possible and we’ve provided you with one of the best for free! Sign Up here

So what does it do?

  • It finds relevant content including videos, news, trending content all of which can be posted with the click of a button.
  • It creates incredible image posts without any photo editing experience.
  • It saves time by having all social media in one place with the ability to schedule posts across multiple platforms.
  • It measures all campaign performance to help you get more traffic and generate new leads.

Did you know?

  • Facebook Has More Than 2 Billion Daily Active Users
  • 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75 percent say they’ve increased traffic
  • Facebook influenced over 60% of consumers’ online and offline purchases

Do you need help promoting your business on social media?

AddMe Social is an exciting tool helping thousands of business quickly and easily manage their social media.

Schedule, Creative, Comment and measure your social media activity all from the one simple dashboard – it’s amazing and it’s free for you to use Sign up and give it a try Read more...

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The End of “Crapographics” is Now


It seems like everyone jumped on the infographic bandwagon over the past year and a half. Used properly, they’re a great way to spread the word about a company and drive traffic to a site. However, all too often, infographics are not given the time and effort they need to be effective. I often see so-called infographics that offer little more than a stick figure and a couple random facts that anyone with access to Google could find. These “crapographics” give real infographics a bad name. Read more...

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Online Publishing 101 for Small Business Owners

TShirt - Will Write for Food

The nature of the Internet and search engine rankings has made online publishing the new Wild West of the business world.  In a nutshell if you’re not producing content in 2014, you’re dead in the water. This is changing how business owners approach their own website and their presence online in general. The focus now is not on maximizing page views and getting backlinks but on producing quality content that users will engage with and share with others. This has a huge impact on everything from design to on-site and off-site content. Read more...

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How to Target Your Website for Different Cultures

World CulturesDespite the fact that the worldwide web is “worldwide,” seldom think about universalizing their websites in an effort to address multiple Internet users from around the world. However, because English-speaking Internet users only account for approximately a third of all Internet users, it’s smart to design a website aimed at attracting worldwide Internet users. Although not everyone speaks the same language, with the use of other characteristics and website design, a website can attract Internet users from different cultures. Read more...

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Keyword Research Is the First Step in SEO

Keyword ResearchKeywords are at the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google detects them and ranks your site against everyone else’s with the same keyword. More popular and higher quality websites rank higher in the Google search rankings. Think of keywords as the search strings you use in Google.

But you must strike the right balance between popular keywords and competition. Popular keywords have lots of people searching for them, but the competition is too high to make an impact. Proper research will reveal the keywords which are popular enough, but exist on a field where you can effectively compete. Read more...

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Skyscraper Content: Reaching New Heights

SkyscraperIn a world where our advertising, services, products and resources are driven by short, accessible and instantly gratifying information, long-form content is finally making a comeback.

The ongoing debate between short- and long-form content continues to stream throughout SEO trends. However, storytelling and narrative blogging are recently hailing in popularity.

What Is Skyscraper Content?

It’s About Telling a Story

Its definition suggests a form of storytelling geared toward engaging and connecting with an audience. The outcome and projected goal is to generate more value by creating quality content. Read more...

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