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Making the Connection: Strategies on How to Establish Trust in Your Brand

When people hear or use the word trust, they tend to only use it or see it in the context of a relationship of some sort, whether it’s a family, platonic, or romantic relationship… but rarely do you hear the word trust used in the same way with businesses. Why do you think that is?

The thing that people fail to realize is that trust plays a significant role in the overall success of a business. How? Well, when your customers and potential customers trust your brand, it’s a given that they’re more likely to buy from you and support your brand… by having their trust, that gives you the ability to raise your prices and turn those customers into loyal customers. Just know that none of that will happen until you’ve established trust in your brand. Read more...

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GDPR & Privacy


GDPR, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation, is a regulation recently passed throughout the EU that protects the data of consumers collected by corporations and businesses alike.  With the outrage of the Cambridge Analytica data breach via Facebook, more users than ever have become increasingly alarmed over their privacy rights and controlling their own data. With GDPR in place beginning May 25, 2018, companies are required to abide by a set of strict rules and regulations, helping to contribute to the overall control and protection of millions of users around the world. Read more...

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AddMe Partners with Montreal based SEO Agency – Lets Get Optimized

Local SEO Partner

Melbourne, Australia’s Launches Review Management Software Platform for Small & Medium Businesses in Canada

Montreal based SEO Agency for SMB’s, partners with Australian Software Company to promote an easy to use platform for monitoring and collecting customer reviews

Melbourne, Australia based AddMe has partnered with Montreal based Let’s Get Optimized (LGO) to promote its newly launched Review Management Software. AddMe’s Matt Hodgson states ‘’the platform is a straightforward, four-step process for collecting customer reviews’’ and that ‘’Online reviews have become an essential component in people’s purchasing decisions.’’ Hodgson also added that ‘’AddMe Review helps collect, manage and showcase all the feedback that customers provide.’’ Read more...

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How Does The Facebook Update Impact My Business?

Facebook Update And My Business?

Some publishers say that organic ads on Facebook are dead. Others are quite anxious about the huge News Feed algorithm changes that Facebook is rolling out rather quickly. A few businesses are taking their ball and going home right now.

What does the new Facebook mean for your business? Let’s cut through the rumors to the actual changes that are being made.

A More Personalized Facebook News Feed

For Facebook users, the News Feed will now prioritize the news items that friends and family prioritize instead of a general feed for all users. In this way, Facebook is following the new social trend of localizing content that many other platforms are taking on.

Publishers and industry experts both agree that the change means that the everyday Facebook user will see less of the content from publishers and brands. What is still speculative is how much more these brands and publishers will have to spend in order to get back to the same volume of views before the change.

Facebook has been caught purposefully turning off the organic spigot. This has been the case ever since Facebook went public and became beholden to outside investors who prioritize rising quarter over quarter profits. No matter what else is going on, Facebook now has the legal obligation to do business in the way that is most advantageous to these investors. If that means less respect for organic ads, then so be it.

Rising Ad Rates

As Facebook moves away from wide net organic content into delivering news vetted by social circles, the price for breaking into these social circles will become much higher. Facebook rates rose 35% over the last quarter in 2017 alone.

Organic reach is at an all time low. In 2017, a business page with 100,000 likes can expect Facebook to serve ads to around 1,500 people on average. A high percentage for organic reach is 2%, which is no better than the return rate on a cold call email blast campaign. Under these conditions, doing the groundwork to build a viable audience on Facebook seems trite – even useless for a truly new company.

Facebook continues to deny that the organic news feed will be genuinely affected by the new changes, even in the face of these statistics. However, it continues to deny that the organic news feed has been affected by its past changes as well. If the top agencies and brands on Facebook are to be believed, there is a fundamental shift in the way that Facebook is doing business.

Adapt or die.

Facebook Protecting Its Own Interests

Regardless of what side of the argument you happen to be on, there is no way that you can blame a company for defending itself under the auspices of capitalism. Facebook has been under an incredible amount of scrutiny. The Trump administration’s claims of “fake news,” while seemingly a general claim, was focused on Facebook as one of the main culprits. Accusations of low quality content have also plagued the platform from all sides. In order to appease the aforementioned investors, and quickly, the company had to find solutions fast.

What This Means for Your Business

No single advertiser will outweigh the opinion of the executive administration of the United States. Nor will that audience be able to stand up to any pressure from a majority of consumers who are dissatisfied with the results of their news feed. In the future, you can expect a great deal more attention to be paid to these audiences. Much less will be paid to the small and medium sized company/feeder website with a complaint about ads or news not being served.

Companies who are looking to be included in the new version of the Facebook News Feed should consider moving away from the legacy tactics that made them so popular. True authenticity and unique viewpoints will rule the day, as niche audiences will continue to search for perspectives that appeal to their immediate and heartfelt needs.

There will be a few holdouts who will put more money into increasingly polarizing viewpoints or clickbait titles and exploit monetary holes in the system. These holes will be plugged. Also, companies that are truly facing the wrath of the Facebook updates will not be able to keep up with the budget of these companies. As such, finding the truth and appealing to local audiences will eventually win the day (along with budgeting slightly more to play ball).

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Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year From The Team @ AddMe


We all had a vote and we have all agreed, the Darude – Sandstorm New Years Eve countdown is by far the best way to welcome 2018.

We hope you all enjoy and look forward to seeing you all in 2018

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Merry Christmas From All @ AddMe

Merry Christmas From All @

Here is a list of popular Christmas Songs for 2018 – cue them up and enjoy your break.

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Whats New With Google Mobile Search?

Google is well known for changing the rules of its search engine to stay ahead of trends and new technologies. Google mobile search function is no different – the latest design for mobile devices is a fresh look with a potential for higher functionality.

Google Mobile Search New Look

new google mobile search

The first change that users will notice is the complete absence of sharp corners – everything is rounded to match the shape of the latest generation of smart phones.

The default color for links is also slightly changed from a dark blue to a light blue, which is more pleasing to the eye without losing the functional contrast.

Users who are looking for business listings will find them much easier to locate. Brighter yellow stars now populate review listings, replacing the more drab orange that was previously there.

Search Functional Changes

There are few obvious functional changes to the Google mobile search platform, but this doesn’t mean that nothing has changed. Changes in the Google search algorithm take place over time, pushed forward by the behaviors of actual users. Although the cosmetic changes seem only surface level, they may invoke different behaviors in search engine users. If this is the case, we can definitely expect to see changes in the function of the site as well.

Google has, however, made a significant announcement to its privacy and transparency rules. Developers were given 60 days to comply with new measures aimed at curbing Trojan software and undercover phishing efforts. Google stated quite clearly that sites must gain explicit user permission in order to gather personal information, and companies must state their policies in an onsite privacy policy.

You can bet that Google has made changes behind the scenes to appropriately punish websites that do not adhere to these new data privacy rules. Perhaps the cosmetic rollout was a subtle warning to companies that Google is quite willing and able to make changes to its site very quickly (and without warning).

It is rumored that Google is also taking steps to prioritize popular apps that come from its Play Store. With more commerce coming into the mobile space every day, it only makes sense that Google would try to cement its own place in the search market by “partnering” with the apps that keep people coming back to its marketplace. This may also be another jab to sites that refuse to play ball with the new privacy rules. Google will do more than punish those sites; it will also offer users alternatives.


It is unsure that Google is taking these changes to heart. Google is known for testing its new features in real time on real users before deciding on a final format. No official announcement has been made from Google, lending some weight to the notion that these changes may be temporary.

The Google desktop and app have not been changed to match the mobile platform. This may show that the company has not yet fully committed to these changes within the mobile space and may actually be testing the changes on behalf of the other platforms as well. The online world will certainly look forward to seeing the changes that Google finally implements, as they are sure to have a profound impact on how we search out solutions and do business in the mobile space.

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Customer Reviews, Why & How?

Customer Reviews - Collect 5 Star Reviews and Boost Your SEO

Over the past few months, you would have noticed a shift in focus on AddMe, away from general SEO and search engine submission tools. We are now focusing all our efforts on what you, our readers, have told us is important to your business, local search and customer reviews.

We have build a free Business Review reporting tool – enter your business details below and the tool will run a free customer review report for your business.

The creative team here have put their heads together and created a simple video which clearly explains what customer reviews are and how reviews impact your business and local search results. We recommend you take 3 minutes out of your day to watch this quick video, once you’re done – don’t forget to run your free review report on your business below.  Read more...

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AddMe Member Survey Results 2017

Below are the results of the recent survey we conducted on AddMe. AddMe members consist of small to medium business and digital marketing agencies. 

The digital marketing statistics about social media, local business reviews and ROI are a great help for our team, we hope you also find the results as valuable. 


What percent do you use social media to promote your business?

What percent do you use social media to promote your business?

Where do you see the greatest ROI promoting your business / product?

Where do you see the greatest ROI promoting your business / product?

Do you rely on customer reviews for your business?

Do you rely on customer reviews for your business?

Have you ever given a business review online e.g. Yelp or Google Review?

Have you ever given a business review online e.g. Yelp or Google Review?

Lastly, what would you like to see more of from AddMe?

Lastly, what would you like to see more of from AddMe?


Please feel free to share these results with your network.

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Melbourne, Australia – October 10, 2017: Trellian has announced its further expansion into the .AU drop catch business with the acquisition of the highly successful drop catch platform

Having only a handful of auDA accredited registrars that are authorized to drop catch, the acquisition further strengthens Trellian’s February 2017 acquisition of drop catch platform and registrar.
The two drop catching operations will gradually be consolidated under the brand, taking the best parts from each platform, plus many other functions from the existing Domain Portfolio Manager and Marketplace.
David Warmuz, CEO of Trellian stated: “After our acquisition we quickly realised that there was one key component missing: .au drop catch know how. We could learn and fine tune, but this would take months/years. Or we could partner with someone that obviously has the missing piece. So having someone like Anthony on board just made sense. I am eager to see what the future holds and I look forward to working with Anthony on reviving the drop catch platform.”
Anthony Peake, CEO of stated: “I am excited to be joining the team at Trellian and making the best drop catcher for .au domain names. Having Trellian’s resources behind me will be a huge help and I am especially thrilled to be working on again. I love the brand and I still consider as my baby.”
Founded in 1997, Trellian began investing in domain names early on, eventually becoming one of the largest domain portfolio holders in the world.
In 2008, Trellian launched, a domain asset portfolio management platform. Above offers domain investors a Registrar designed for their needs, plus a domain marketplace. However, its key competitive advantage involves its time-saving ability to monetize domain traffic by sending each domain visitor to the highest earning monetization channel. To learn more, please visit Trellian and
About is one of the first drop catch platforms to show its success in catching .au domains from the daily expired pool of names. Originally acquired by Fabulous (DarkBlueSea) and later by Trellian in early 2017. To learn more, please visit

Started by veteran drop catch guru Anthony Peake, who also worked on DomainWatch,, and Netfleet, DomainShield has with far fewer resources consistently maintained a high level of catch rates. To learn more, please visit Domain Shield.

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