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Google Reviews and Your Real Estate Business

Google Reviews and Your Real Estate Business

If you’re a successful real estate agent in today’s competitive business climate, you almost certainly long ago embraced digital marketing in all its forms as part of your overall strategy. You have a website, updated business listings, a social media presence, and probably conduct email campaigns. But there’s one factor that you might not be placing enough emphasis on, and that’s online realtor reviews from your customers. They’re much more important than you think.

The Rise Of Customer Reviews

Online reviews have always been with us, but most businesses have taken an indifferent approach to them. But the local search marketing landscape has changed significantly over the last few years with the rise of mobile devices and evolving consumer behaviour. As reported by SEO news site Search Engine Land, more than 80% of American adults aged 18 – 44 own smartphones, and over half of those research businesses, products, and services using a search engine like Google (86.3% of search market share in 2018) or going directly to a specific business’s website. Read more...

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Online Reviews For Real Estate Agents & Realtors

Real Estate Agent & Realtor Reviews

Real estate customers are becoming more reliant on word-of-mouth referrals, feedback, and online reviews as part of their decision-making process related to choosing a real estate businesses or realtor.

Customers read online reviews about real estate businesses and agents on popular websites such as Zillow, Trulia, RateMyAgent, Google, and Facebook. Recent studies suggest:

  • Almost 85% of customers rely on online reviews to make informed choices.
  • 62% will make contact with a real estate agent due to the agents positive online reviews.
  • 71% are very likely to do an internet search for a real estate if referred to them via word of mouth

More about the survey results here:

online reviews real estate agents realtors

Businesses that do not account for reviews on the internet are missing out on a significant vector for growth. Read more...

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How to Choose Your Company’s Voice

How to Choose Your Company's VoiceSelecting the right voice for your company and brand is one of the most important decisions you may have to make as a business owner and entrepreneur. Having the ability to effectively communicate with your audience while making authentic connections with prospective customers using your company’s voice is essential to build a successful name and reputation for any brand. Whether you are launching your first company from the ground up or if you are looking to re-brand your current business, knowing what voice to go with is a way to outshine competition while leaving a lasting and positive impression on your audience.  Read more...

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How to Use Google Lighthouse as an SEO Tool

Lighthouse - Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is the latest Free SEO tool the search engine offers to SEO marketers. It joins the list of SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Consumer Surveys, and PageSpeed Insights.

What is Google Lighthouse?

Google did not design the Lighthouse primarily as a free SEO tool. It was not an SEO tool at all. It was initially intended for the auditing of Progressive Web Apps, PWAs. The four areas of the audit are accessibility, Progressive Web Apps, performance, and some other best practices. Read more...

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AddMe Partners with Montreal based SEO Agency – Lets Get Optimized

Local SEO Partner

Melbourne, Australia’s Launches Review Management Software Platform for Small & Medium Businesses in Canada

Montreal based SEO Agency for SMB’s, partners with Australian Software Company to promote an easy to use platform for monitoring and collecting customer reviews

Melbourne, Australia based AddMe has partnered with Montreal based Let’s Get Optimized (LGO) to promote its newly launched Review Management Software. AddMe’s Matt Hodgson states ‘’the platform is a straightforward, four-step process for collecting customer reviews’’ and that ‘’Online reviews have become an essential component in people’s purchasing decisions.’’ Hodgson also added that ‘’AddMe Review helps collect, manage and showcase all the feedback that customers provide.’’ Read more...

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Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year From The Team @ AddMe

We all had a vote and we have all agreed, the Darude – Sandstorm New Years Eve countdown is by far the best way to welcome 2018.

We hope you all enjoy and look forward to seeing you all in 2018

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Merry Christmas From All @ AddMe

Merry Christmas From All @

Here is a list of popular Christmas Songs for 2018 – cue them up and enjoy your break.

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What’s The Purpose Of A Web Directory In 2017? (Reviewing Jasmine Directory)

 Jasmine Business Web Directory

Don’t be so quick to dismiss web directories in this time and age. It may have been a while since you heard about them but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have lost significance. Web directories are, in fact, very much important for SEO; more than you realize. Submitting your website to the right web directories can do wonders for you.

Did I touch a nerve? I hope so! Here is what you should know about web directories and I’ll exemplify with Jasmine Directory, one of the last directories that, in my view, has survived all of Google’s penalties. And we shall see why, as well. Read more...

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SEO Ranking Factors 2017

SEO Ranking Factors

SEMrush SEO Ranking Factors Study

Used by more than 1.5 million marketers across the world, SEMrush has become a highly-successful SaaS product. It has been discovered that direct website traffic is the most important and influential ranking factor; this is why it is so important to get users to go straight to your site. Recent research was conducted regarding the product, and here is a 2017 Summary of the SEM Rush SEO Ranking Factors study.

  • 65 percent of domains that have good rankings for high-volume keywords are HTTPS sites.
  • For domains ranking within the Top-3, their bounce rate is 49 percent. And it might be surprising to know that 18 percent of domains that rank well for high-volume keywords don’t actually have the keyword in the body of their content.
  • Three percent of backlinks contain a keyword in the anchor text.
  • Backlink factors are very important when it comes to rankings.
    • All backlink factors, except for those related to anchor texts, share 5th place in the backlink importance chart. And all of these factors impact one another, meaning if you change one factor but don’t change the others, you aren’t likely to see an improvement.
    Content with branded keywords will return more relevant but less popular websites in the top ranking positions. Keyword usage is still one of the most popular SEO techniques used today.
    • Keywords used in titles, meta descriptions, and the body of texts aren’t as influential as other ranking factors.

    What is the number one take away from the SEMRush research?

    Make sure your website is using HTTPS. If you don’t have an HTTPS site, you need to get one. The majority of domains in the high-volume group have an HTTPS version of their site. And when you create your site, don’t overlook the importance of analyzing behavior signals, such as whether or not customers are coming to your site via another site or directly through a search bar. If they are coming straight to your site, this is a good sign to Google and other search engines that your site has high authority and value. Read more...

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Email Marketing: Mistakes to be Avoided

When it comes to online marketing, email marketing has become the most popular, as well as the most effective. This type of marketing makes it possible to reach a large audience both instantaneously and simultaneously, and it provides business owners with a solid foundation for expanding their brand awareness. What you need to realize, however, is that while there is a right way to go about email marketing, there are also a few wrong ways. Let’s take a quick look at the top four email marketing mistakes you should avoid.  Read more...

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