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The Right Way to Use Social Media

For many businesses social media is overwhelming at first.  There is a lot to learn in order to use it correctly.  The first step is to understand the tools that are available.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the major … Continue reading

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Payvment: A Storefront for Facebook

Social commerce is fast becoming a major trend in online retail, what with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks paving the way for greater, wider connection across the world. A number of e-commerce applications and platforms have been developed so … Continue reading

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5 Sites That Pay You to Write

Getting paid for writing can be a great way to earn your keeps while working from home. There are a multitude of websites and services online that pay you for writing articles and content. Some are revenue based and others … Continue reading

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5 Ways You Can Promote Your Website on Facebook

The genius of promoting products and services over the Internet was already gaining popularity even before social media websites obtained prominence in the cyber world. Then Facebook entered the scene, and the whole online marketing business got blown to proportions … Continue reading

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10 Essential Free Blogging Tools – Thanks Google!

As most companies and individuals have realised, blogging is not just a great way to get your information out there, done properly it is a big part of any search engine optimisation strategy. Google created a whole industry and to … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Completely Waste Your SEO Budget

I’m not suggesting for one moment that it’s particularly wise to any of what I’m about to suggest. But in SEO, there are a lot of particularly “expensive mistakes,” taking place and it can be a little too easy to … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization & Shopping Carts – eCommerce SEO

Did you know that your choice of ecommerce shopping cart is critical to the success of your online business? It’s true. The search engine optimization of the shopping cart you use, and in particular, the way that the shopping cart … Continue reading

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Google CEO Changing of the Guard

Latest news from Google apart from it’s massive earnings is, the current CEO Eric Schmidt is standing down as of April 4th 2011. Co founder Larry Page will be stepping in as the headman of the company after the 4th. … Continue reading

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YouTube Search Engine Optimization

YouTube Search Engine Optimization – Why YouTube Should be Included in Online Marketing  YouTube has gained popularity as a public video sharing website. It is easily the most convenient medium of sharing videos with your peers. However, this is not … Continue reading

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Google Tags Hacked Sites

Google’s looking out for us even more these days with the recent announcement that the search giant will be labeling sites that they think have been compromised / hacked. Google will be labeling any site in their search results that … Continue reading

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