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Customer Review Report

Free Customer Review Report

If you’re not already aware, customer reviews have an impact on how your business performs, both in your local area and also online.

To help you better understand the current reviews for your business, we have created this excellent free tool which will help you run a quick, customer review report for your business, highlighting the types of reviews you are getting and where.


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3 Quick Wins Snapchat Can Grow Your Business

When new marketing platforms are established, it is usually the businesses that jump aboard first that receive the largest returns on their investments. Way back in the 1990s, email open rates had a 90 percent success rate. And then when AdWords first hit the online scene, highly competitive keywords could be snatched up for rock-bottom prices. And let’s don’t forget about Facebook. Back in 2008 and 2009, marketers could run ads that cost much less per lead than what they are nowadays. Why is that new marketing techniques are so cheap and effective at first, yet as time goes on they become more expensive and less effective? Does the answer to this question really matter? No, all you need to know is that when a new marketing platform becomes available, it is your responsibility as a marketing specialist to take advantage of it as soon as possible to secure the largest return on your investment. For now, let’s take a look at how you can leverage Snapchat to market your products and services to consumers.  Read more...

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How to maximize your web traffic using Mobile Voice Search

Just when you thought your website was fine, along comes Mobile Voice Search and as a small business you have to shift gears again.   But with a few strategic tweaks you can maximize the ability for Local Voice Search like: CortanaSiri Search, Google Voice Assistant to help potential clients find you.

Google Voice Search

In various in forms, these are all recognized names for artificially intelligent virtual assistants.  Potential customers and clients talk to them on their smartphones every day. They became readily available on the market, in 2014 – 2015, and rocketed in use to around 10 percent of global search volume. That is about 50 billion voice searches every month.  In fact, a Google study conducted by Northstar Research revealed that 41 percent of U.S. adults and 55 percent of teens use voice search on a daily basis. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity of one of these vital voice assistants finding your business. Read more...

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Are your customers reviewing you on Google? Here’s why they should

Google Customer Reviews

Consumers these days can find any service or item with a quick Google search. In a recent  article from Search Engine Watch, Customer reviews: The not-so-secret SEO tactic, points out this convenience for customers is why companies are seeing an increased need for transparency. It helps a business stand out from competitors. One of the ways a company will stand out is through Google Customer Reviews. We’ve highlighted key parts of the Search Engine Watch article we think are most important. Read more...

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Pinterest Offers New Paid Search Platform to Advertisers

Over the past few months, Pinterest has made the jump into ad sales with its new paid search platform and Pinterest Ads Manager app. The scale of the website, the addition of visual search tech and the niche oriented approach could soon bring Pinterest Paid Ads into competition with some of its predecessors.

Pinterest Offers New Paid Search Platform to Advertisers

The Scope

Pinterest Ad’s Ads Manager app services are open to all businesses with at least one Pin. The Manager gives companies the ability to create, optimize and track selected Pins. Most impressively, however, is the focus on the so called “discovery” phase of paid search. This phase is said to occur when the user is open to suggestions about a purchase and does not have anything specific in mind. Read more...

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Leveraging Quality Content For B2B Thought Leadership

B2b marketers have salivated at the thoughts of using social media to generate leads since inception. Traditionally, the b2b sales cycle was linear with long term commitments and structured leads. However, in today’s world things are a bit more complex.

Viable mediums have arisen to advertise with thought leadership and dissemination on social media channels. Content creation and development, known formally as content marketing is even more powerful today than ever in its lead generation powers. Social media marketers are determined to use social media for generating leads, in fact, according to BtoB’s Emerging Trends in B-To-B Social Media Marketing Insights, 45% of experienced social media users said lead generation is one of their most important goals for social marketing efforts. Read more...

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A Beginners Guide To Blog Writing – Part 2

A Beginners Guide To Blog Writing – Part 2This post carries on from a previous post from a couple of days ago: A Beginners Guide To Blog Writing – Part 1

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best methods of driving traffic to your blog or web site. Although you can pay an SEO professional to boost your web site traffic and search engine rankings, you can SEO blogs yourself provided you have the right guidance.

This article will explore in-depth tips on how new bloggers can SEO blogs. However, before we start on an SEO blogs 101 rundown, here’s a quick discussion on web site links and keywords. Read more...

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Smart Tactics for Increasing Blog Traffic

1. Cover topics that require attention

Every niche has particular questions that are frequently asked, but rarely have conclusive answers. Whereas this recommendation can be helpful for most content based sites, it is particularly applicable with blogs. Invest the effort and time to research, compile and deliver, and you are guaranteed linkable content that will draw new subscribers and visitors.

2. Pay attention to analytics

Visitor tracking software can show you which posts your visitors like best, which ones are not viewed and how search engines are directing traffic. You can use these clues to act and improve your tactics. Feedburner is ideal for RSS. Action tracking can also be a great addition to your blog. This will enable you to see which sources of traffic are attracting the best quality visitors (in terms of number of page views, time spent on the site etc.). Read more...

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5 Important Video Marketing Tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.  This proves that people want to watch videos to learn and to be entertained.  It’s important for marketers to take advantage of this and incorporate videos into their online marketing strategy.  While it may seem overwhelming, it really doesn’t have to be.  To make a video, all a company really needs is a camera, someone to film, and some simple editing software.  Videos can be made about just about anything ranging from a tour of the office, an employee interview, or a client testimonial. Read more...

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The Right Way to Use Social Media

For many businesses social media is overwhelming at first.  There is a lot to learn in order to use it correctly.  The first step is to understand the tools that are available.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the major players in the social media game.  While they have some similarities and were all created with sharing and making connections in mind, they are separate entities and should be treated as such.  Before starting any social media campaign it’s best to do some research to figure out which social media outlets are best for your business.  There might even be some niche social sites that cater to your industry specifically.  See what competitors are doing in the social space.  Once you’ve figured out the right strategy for each of these tools it’s time to decide on goals and a long term plan.  Read more...

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