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Local Digital Marketing Tactics For Locals in 2018?

Local Digital Marketing

Ok, so you would like a steady stream of customers to walk through your door or the phone to ring off the hook? Below are 10 hot tips which will give you the best possible chance of success to ensure your business appears in the Google local three pack.

Google Local Three Pack - Coffee St Kilda

Find local and social profiles

You’ll want to find the tools that have the greatest impact in your industry or vertical. Restaurants depend on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zomato. The key here is focusing on sites with a local emphasis.

Register/claim profiles

Feed Google information about your business. Your name, address and phone number, hours of operation, website, social media profiles, etc. Track these profiles and keep them maintained. Read more...

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Your Webpage Is Not Secure?

Your Webpage Is Not Secure

Did you know that approximately 70% of SMEs and over 80% of large organizations have been breached? It’s been common for some people to click on phishing email links without thinking about its rattle but that is about to change. If your webpage is not secure, you could lose traffic thanks to Google’s Chrome browser move to flag sites that don’t use HTTPS encryption. 

If you are wondering whether your webpage is secure or not and what to do if unsure, then this is your lucky day. We shall take you through webpage security determination, visitor options, and benefits of HTTPS safety. Read more...

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How Does The Facebook Update Impact My Business?

Facebook Update And My Business?

Some publishers say that organic ads on Facebook are dead. Others are quite anxious about the huge News Feed algorithm changes that Facebook is rolling out rather quickly. A few businesses are taking their ball and going home right now.

What does the new Facebook mean for your business? Let’s cut through the rumors to the actual changes that are being made.

A More Personalized Facebook News Feed

For Facebook users, the News Feed will now prioritize the news items that friends and family prioritize instead of a general feed for all users. In this way, Facebook is following the new social trend of localizing content that many other platforms are taking on. Read more...

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management for the Modern Business

Online Reputation Management Modern Business

Bad news makes its way around the world before good news gets out of bed. There is a great deal of truth to this axiom – any business owner with online reviews can attest. If a customer has a problem with a company, you can expect that negative review almost instantly. Customers who have a positive experience often neglect to leave a review at all. In many cases, they must be coerced to do so.

Your competition is constantly scouring your online reviews to look for weaknesses in your business. You may look up next week and see a commercial from your industry rival directly addressing a problem that a customer had in a review. Read more...

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Requesting Online Reviews

Requesting Online Reviews

Requesting online reviews may seem like a tedious chore – if you don’t know how to request online reviews. Yes, all of the latest marketing blogs say you should be begging and pleading for reviews with no pride whatsoever.

Does begging someone for a favor ever work in a relationship? Absolutely not. It changes the relationship, and never in a good way.

Customers Don’t Want Control

Consumers come to you for solutions. They expect you to lead. When you beg, you place yourself outside of that position of leadership. Read more...

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Whats New With Google Mobile Search?

Google is well known for changing the rules of its search engine to stay ahead of trends and new technologies. Google mobile search function is no different – the latest design for mobile devices is a fresh look with a potential for higher functionality.

Google Mobile Search New Look

new google mobile search

The first change that users will notice is the complete absence of sharp corners – everything is rounded to match the shape of the latest generation of smart phones.

The default color for links is also slightly changed from a dark blue to a light blue, which is more pleasing to the eye without losing the functional contrast. Read more...

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Does Your Subject Line Actually Engage Your Subject?

Does Your Subject Line Actually Engage Your Subject?

It’s official – the average human being literally has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Microsoft researchers found that the average human no longer pays attention to most things longer than eight seconds. The study was conducted in Canada, but really – do you think that mobile first societies like the United States, Australia, the UK or even Brazil are any better?

Emails fare slightly better than the overall average. Because of the endless techniques that highly motivated marketers constantly employ, the average person stays glued to the average email for 11 seconds, not eight. Wow. So all it takes is decades of research, years of schooling and hours of department meetings for three more seconds of time with your customer! That’s worth it. Read more...

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Use Car Dealer Customer Reviews to Your Advantage (Even the Negative Ones)

We work with a variety of car dealers, helping with their local search and collecting more customer reviews for their car dealerships. Not all car dealer reviews are positive.  We have outlined some of the challenges they have been facing and how they are resolved with some simple SEO and the a spirit of customer service.

Car Dealer Customer Reviews

The online review site is the new word of mouth. As much as you may want to create good business relationships with all of your customers, some of them will fall through the cracks. When this happens, you can expect a bad review! People are much more likely to write out of anger than they are when things go well. Read more...

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