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There Is No One Size Fits All Social Media Strategy

Social media is now a part of our daily lives, which means that if you are a smart marketer you are leveraging it for business. However, all too many businesses make mistakes once they enter the social media space. This is mostly a result of not really understanding the medium and not knowing what to do once they get there. It’s easy to sign up for an account but once that’s completed there’s often a “Now what?” kind of fear. Many businesses look to see what other businesses are doing in social media and then develop their own campaign to match. What they don’t realize is that trying to do what the other guys are doing is one of the worst mistakes that they can make. Read more...

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How Valuable is That Link?

If you know anything about search engine optimization, you know that link building is an essential part of the process. Links help determine value in the eyes of the search engines since they indicate trust. If a website has lots of relevant inbound links coming from quality websites, it will be viewed more favorably (and ranked better) than a site that doesn’t have many inbound links. Of course, the number of inbound links isn’t as important as the type of inbound links since all links aren’t created equal. Link building takes time, so you might as well spend that time wisely and build links that will actually be worth it. So, how do you determine link value? Read more...

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Why Social Sharing Buttons are Important

If you know anything about online marketing and search engine optimization, you understand the importance of content. After all, without content, what is there to optimize and how do potential clients or customers learn anything about you? The content that you produce is what sets you apart from the rest in the online space, which is competitive no matter what industry you are in. One popular method of producing content is to create a business blog and update it regularly. Of course, your blog posts will only be worthwhile if people actually see them. One way to improve your content marketing efforts is to include social share buttons on every blog post. Here are 3 reasons why: Read more...

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Build Your Web Presence Before Creating an Infographic

If you know anything about online marketing it’s likely that you know what infographics are and may have even seen a few of them while browsing around the web. Infographics are popular because they are considered to be a good source of “link juice”, meaning that people tend to share them frequently which helps to build up a good link portfolio and build brand visibility online. These infographics are so “sharable” because they provide the most important information on a given topic in an easy to understand matter. Instead of writing a blog post, article, or whitepaper that is heavy on numbers, facts, and data, businesses create an infographic that is easy on the eyes and easy to understand. Read more...

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Good Online Content Isn’t Cheap

For some reason there seems to be a misconception out there that content is cheap and that it’s OK to pay $10 for an article to be published online. Are you kidding? Content is the foundation of everything that you do online, particularly of an online marketing strategy. If you think that it’s OK to be a cheapskate when it comes to content, you are very wrong.

Think about it. You don’t need to be a genius to know that the content that you are reading online was thrown together in ten minutes, written by someone that doesn’t speak the language as their first language, or doesn’t have much knowledge of the topic being discussed. Would you take an individual or a business that published this kind of content seriously? Probably not. Read more...

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Make Sure to Have the Right Social Media Goals

Businesses that are late to the social media game are realizing that they made a mistake. When marketers started discussing it a few years ago, some business owners simply dismissed it as another fad that wasn’t worth investing time and money in. Now they’re kicking themselves. Knowing that they are late to the game has created a sense of urgency and panic. They want to jump right in without really understanding what it’s all about, figuring that they will learn as they go. Their main focus when first starting out seems to be on getting followers. While followers are certainly important, trying to achieve a quick following isn’t the right strategy. The focus should be on actual engagement. There is no point in having followers that don’t care what you are posting, or even worse, aren’t even real people but dummy accounts that were created just to “Like” things. Read more...

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Marketing Videos Don’t Need to Go Viral

When people think of content marketing, they tend to think primarily about text based content. But what about videos? They can be just as valuable a part of your content marketing as blog posts and articles are. After all, they can attract a different kind of audience. Some people would prefer to watch a video rather than read an article while browsing the web. Due to the popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube, individuals and businesses can upload and share a video in a matter of minutes. Some videos take off and go viral and are viewed by millions of people within a week or even a few days. It looks so easy. Create something awesome and your video will be seen by millions of people, right? Not really. In many cases, it’s hard to know what will “hit” or “miss” with a mass audience. And really, should you be catering to the masses anyway? Read more...

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Should You Disable Blog Comments on Your Blog?

Blogs have multiple purposes. They are a place for bloggers to share their thoughts and opinions in order to be viewed as a thought leader on a certain topic or within a certain industry. They have SEO benefits because the search engines love new content. Since a blog is typically updated regularly, it ensures that the search engines come back to the website to index the page. While not always viewed as such, blogs are also part of the social media world. In fact, blogs were a place for people to share and communicate with each other long before Facebook and Twitter existed. This is because blogs typically allow, and encourage, visitors to make comments. However, it seems like recently more and more blogs are disabling comments from their blog. Is this the right approach? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons to disabling blog comments. Read more...

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Local Search Optimization Tips

The number of people browsing the web and searching for information on a mobile device continues to increase over time. Eventually, the majority of cell phone users will be using smart phones. What are these people searching for? Mostly, they are searching for local products and services, which makes sense if you think about it. Mobile Internet use allows people to find answers immediately. Previously, people spent a lot more time planning an outing before leaving the house. Smart phone use has changed our behavior to searching in the here and now. Instead of planning ahead, they simply take out their phone to find a restaurant nearby when they get hungry or a movie theater nearby when they want to be entertained. This means that it’s even more important for local businesses to have a well optimized search presence. You might be right around the corner, but if you don’t show up on our phone, you might as well not even exist. Read more...

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Timing Is Everything in Online Marketing

Timing is everything in marketing, period. However the difference with online marketing is that all of the power is in our hands. Sure, you can purchase TV ads during a specific program or place radio spots during optimal morning and afternoon/evening drive times when people are most likely to be listening in their car, but you can rarely guarantee placement down to the second when using these strategies. Timing of outgoing marketing messages online including blog posts, social media tweets, re-tweets, @ mentions, wall posts, and email newsletter distribution is all up to the sender. Therefore, it’s important to use this to your advantage. Sharing content whenever you feel like it isn’t the best strategy. Read more...

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