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SEO Shortcuts Will Put You Behind

Business owners know that marketing is necessary in order to get the word out about the business and to help generate sales, but it’s often a frustration point for the CFOs or those that are responsible for managing the money. … Continue reading

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Monitor These Items to Determine Social Media Success

Social media marketing, like other online marketing tactics, is a long term investment. Simply setting up social profiles and starting to share some content isn’t going to result in a quick uptick in sales or conversions. Social profiles take time … Continue reading

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Be Selective with Guest Blog Submissions

Publishing content on a regular basis has become a necessary component of an online marketing campaign today. Content is what engages target audience members and attracts the attention of search engine spiders. It also helps to fuel a social media … Continue reading

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Don’t Send the Wrong Message with Your Blog

In order to improve online marketing efforts, a business needs to participate in content marketing. Content is what gets found by the search engine spiders and generates links from an SEO perspective. Each new blog post is an additional page … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Priorities: Business Website First, then Social

Savvy business owners now realize the importance of a social media strategy. After all, social media is where the people are. Millions of people sign into at least one social media account on a daily, or even hourly, basis and … Continue reading

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Take the Right Approach to Guest Blogging

If you want to get noticed online today just having a website or even a few social profiles isn’t going to cut it. Every business in your industry is doing the same thing. In order to stand out and improve … Continue reading

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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Links on a Page?

The web is made up of links and these links are what the search engine spiders follow in order to determine how certain sites and pages are connected and how they should each rank for certain keyword search phrases. This … Continue reading

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Google Alerts is a Great Online Marketing Tool

We all know that Google is a great resource. Ask anyone where they go to find important information and there’s a good chance that they will respond that they “Google it.” However, Google has so much more to offer beyond … Continue reading

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How Do I Get Wikipedia Links?

We all know that links are an extremely important part of SEO. Inbound links pointing to your site are what help to convey trust to the search engines. Links coming from high authority sites are very beneficial. Perhaps one of … Continue reading

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How to Use Twitter Effectively

As one of the top social networks, Twitter can be extremely beneficial in promoting your business as long as you know how to use it properly. A Twitter brand page appears prominently in the search engines for a branded search … Continue reading

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