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Brian is the seasoned link building consultant with an expertise in conversion optimization, content marketing and link building. He's a writer for several top internet marketing websites, such as Search Engine Guide. When he's not helping bloggers and businesses land more search engine traffic from their SEO efforts he's usually traveling.

7 Powerful SEO Opportunities for Ecommerce Sites

I don’t need to tell you that SEO for an Ecommerce site is really, really hard.

First off, you have literally hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of pages on your site that you need to optimize. In fact, Google Panda  — a Google update that specifically targets sites with thin or duplicate content — is a particular pain point for Ecommerce site owners.

I know that, after Google Panda first rolled out in 2011, Ecommerce site owners were scratching their heads and wondering: “how can I possibly make a product page that sells pajamas interesting and compelling?.” Read more...

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4 Mistakes People Make When Outsourcing Their Link Building Efforts

There’s no getting around it: link building is an insanely time consuming process. And unlike a few years ago, outsourcing the whole shabang to India or another 3rd world country simply doesn’t work.

Today’s link building is a product of dozens of different efforts within and between organizations, including:

  • Branding
  • Content production and marketing
  • Relationships with industry leaders
  • Online reputation management

And with Google rolling out update after update, you need to be very careful about every move you make.

Considering the complexity of today’s link building world, it’s not surprising that a lot of small businesses make mistakes when choosing an SEO firm. And those mistakes can be devastating if their site gets wiped out by a Google update. Read more...

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4 Ways to Build Backlinks in “Boring” Niches

A few days ago a subscriber asked me:

“Brian: I know that great content is the key to getting backlinks. But I have clients in some of the most yawn-inducing industries on Earth, like insurance, surgery, and law. How can I possibly get people to link to my clients’ sites?”

If you’re jealous of the social media and weight loss blogs that get to publish fun and engaging content — and have the backlinks to show for it — then you’ll love this guide.

Because today I’m going to show you some killer link building strategies that you can use in ANY niche. Read more...

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