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Facebook Advertising Tips – Tips For The Next Facebook Ad

Tips to Optimize Your Next Facebook Campaign

Tips To Optimize Your Next Facebook Campaign

Using Facebook to promote your company and brand is a way to maximize your reach when you have a specific target demographic in mind. Knowing how to properly optimize your next Facebook campaign can ultimately help reduce advertising spending while providing higher conversion rates for products and services you are promoting. 

Separate Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

When launching new Facebook ad campaigns it is essential to separate mobile and desktop promotions from one another. The newsfeed that appears on desktop versions of Facebook differs from the mobile version, which is why it is necessary to create two separate individual campaigns for each type of device being used. Testing multiple versions of each campaign you have in mind is also ideal for both mobile and desktop users to learn more about which type of promotion works best for your audience. Read more...

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5 Ways to Use YouTube in Your Small Business Marketing

Use Youtube Business Marketing

YouTube is more than just cat videos; it’s a great way to market your small business. In fact, marketers worldwide report video as the content source yielding the best ROI.

Though it may seem overwhelming, YouTube marketing doesn’t have to be that scary – according to a 2017 benchmark report by Vidyard, the majority of videos published by businesses are less than two minutes long. Not to mention, you’ve probably got everything you need to get started, right in your pocket! Don’t be afraid to break out your phone and start recording; people understand and enjoy videos produced on the fly just as much, if not more, than high-value productions. Spielberg and Scorsese need not apply. And while you may fear that YouTube is not a viable option for your particular business, there are several ways businesses of all types can successfully use videos to gain – and convert – customers. If you’ve been wondering, “How can I use YouTube for my business,” here are five ways to use YouTube in your small business marketing. Read more...

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7 Tips to Stay Updated With the Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

Latest Trends Social Media Marketing

Building and expanding a successful brand requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality goods and services to your customers. Today, utilizing social media is a cornerstone of most successful companies today, whether they solely cater to locals or international followers. Staying updated with the latest trends in social media marketing is essential whether you are launching a new start-up from the ground up or seeking to further the success of an existing business. With the right social media marketing insight, outperform competitors while truly making a memorable impression in any industry you represent.  Read more...

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7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Copywriting Boost Website Traffic

Creating a successful blog or website not only requires high-quality content but content that is also easy to digest and find when searching online. Implementing a few copywriting tips when developing a new site of your own is a way to quickly increase your ranking in top search engines while also providing users with content that is genuinely helpful or useful to their everyday lives. Whether you want to grow a current website or if you are looking to launch a new blog from the ground up, using the right SEO copywriting tips can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success online. Read more...

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