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How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

1000 followers on instagram

Long before the days of Facebook, Friendster, and Myspace, when we spent our days rushing home to send a crush a “nudge” on MSN, the effects of social media were not as wide spread. Today we truly live in a technological world, where every delicious meal and awesome workout can be shared with the world in an instant.

Today Instagram is King. With more than 150 million monthly active users registered, it’s bigger than Twitter and closing in on Facebook. With the ability to mark your location, hashtag keywords, and the ability to send photos and videos to followers makes Instagram one of the hottest social media platforms available. Read more...

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Repeated Violations of Google Webmaster Guidelines

On September 18, 2015 Google released a note to website owners regarding the recent increase in Webmaster Guidelines violations. The Google post alerted website owners about the automated and manual actions that are taken against websites that violate the listed Webmaster Guidelines. Website owners can now see which areas of their site have violated the guidelines. The sites can then be fixed to realign with the listed guidelines. Once the site has been fixed it can be submitted as a “reconsideration request” to Google. By taking the steps needed to fix the site, the manual action can be removed. However, if you want to avoid a violation in the first place, then there are several steps that you should take. Read more...

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August 2015 Poll Results: What is the biggest factor in trying out a new service?

Here are the poll results for August 2015. Thanks to 2,498 people who took time to take our poll.

Question: What is the biggest factor in trying out a new service?


  • Good explanation of the service – 850/2498 (34.03%)
  • Customer support – 798/2498 (31.95%)
  • Simplicity of the service – 784/2498 (31.39%)
  • Coupon or promotional offer – 66/2498 (2.64%)
  •

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    July 2015 Poll Result: How do you currently create most of your content?

    Here are the poll results for July 2015. Thanks to 2,680 people who took time to take our poll.

    Question was: How do you currently create most of your content?


    • I hire someone. 1323/2680 (49.37%)
    • User-generated content. 1262/2680 (47.09%)
    • I do it myself. 95/2680 (3.54%)
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    June 2015 Poll Results: How important is a domain name to the success of an online business?

    Here are the poll results for June 2015. Thanks to over 3,900 people who took time to take our poll.

    Question was: How important is a domain name to the success of an online business?


    • Very important – 238/3993 (5.96% )
    • Somewhat important – 1845/3993 (46.21% )
    • Not important – 1910/3993 (47.83% )

    So, a majority of respondents said that a domain name is not important to the success of an online business. I generally agree with this statement, but I think there are instances when a domain name can significantly help a business. For example: Using a premium or EMD domain can bring in a considerable amount of type-in traffic. Also, having a short memorable domain name can help with repeat visitors. Read more...

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    May 2015 Poll Results: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

    Here are the poll results for May 2015. Thanks to over 4,500 people who took time to take our poll.

    Question was: Is your website mobile-friendly?

    • Yes 254/4509, (5.63%)
    • No 2163/4509, (47.97%)
    • I’m not sure, 2092/4509 (46.40%)

    Nearly half the respondents said their website was not mobile-friendly, while another 46% were not sure if their website was mobile-friendly. This left only 6% of poll-takers who were sure their website was ready for mobile devices. I was a little surprised by these results considering the anticipation and release of Mobilegeddon update last month.

    For those of you not sure whether or not your website is mobile-friendly, you can use this tool to check: Read more...

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    Google’s Latest Update: Quality Update aka Phantom Update

    The Google algorithm experts are at it again. Earlier this month Google officially confirmed to Search Engine Land that it has performed another “quality update.” This quality update has appropriately been dubbed the “Phantom Update.” But what does it mean to the average website user? What does it entail for small business owners?

    What is the “Phantom Update” and what does it mean for your site?

    There are a fair amount of rumors concerning Google’s “Phantom Update” swirling around webmaster blogs and SEO chat rooms. In essence, the update has shown that Google has made changes to its core ranking algorithm. The recent changes are aimed at better processing website quality signals. In other words, quality will continue to “reign queen” on Google’s search ranking algorithm. Read more...

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    Mobilegeddon is Here – Google’s Latest Major Algorithm Update

    As you may have heard, Google released “Mobilegeddon” a few days ago. This is Google’s latest major update to their search algorithm. What makes this major is that it affects websites in all languages and countries. The basic gist of this update is that it gives websites that are mobile-friendly, a “boost” in their search rankings.

    So, yes, your website will be affected one way or another. Also, with mobile devices becoming more and more influential in the world, I’m assuming this factor will carry some weight. Read more...

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    Local SEO 101 for Law Firms – Infographic

    Here are some basic SEO tips to help law firms to win local customers in their areas.


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    Responsive Web Design – Infographic

    Here’s a nice infographic that explains the basics of Responsive Web Design and the benefits that it offers.

    Responsive Web Design Infographic

    Courtesy of: S|M Web Design Company

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