Boost Instagram Followers During Holidays

Boosting Instagram Followers During HolidaysAs of 2017, Instagram has amassed more than 800 million users worldwide, making it a leading social media platform for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Using Instagram to promote your business, brand and website provides you with a platform to maximize your reach while sharing your branding along with interactive videos and imagery with those who have a genuine interest in your updates. When the holidays begin to arrive, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to guarantee success with any type of marketing campaign you have in mind.

Update Your Profile for Each Holiday

Update your brand’s Instagram account to fit with any holiday you plan to celebrate or promote throughout accordingly. Adding phrases such as “Peace, Joy, Love” during Christmas and other winter-themed holidays helps to set your brand apart. Use pumpkin emojis or graphics during Halloween and consider creating unique and engaging links that are temporary throughout the holiday itself to attract and draw even more traffic to your website or online blog.

Get Involved With Your Followers

Get creative with each video, image, or text post you want to share to your Instagram followers during the holidays. Following the latest trends (such as Elf on the Shelf or dyeing Easter eggs with funky mediums) provides plenty of exposure and promotion in conjunction with the top keywords and hashtags during the holiday season itself. When adding a trendy image, video, or update that is relevant to an upcoming holiday, ask your followers a question or inquire about their opinions on what you have shared. When you are able to connect and resonate with your users (especially during a busy and stressful holiday season), you are much more likely to receive input and positive feedback in return. When you have an engaging post or thread, drastically increase the post’s visibility across the platform, regardless of the market or industry you are targeting.

Create Fun Posts

Designing “fun” posts during the holiday season are optimal when you want to boost engagement and visibility on Instagram. Use “This vs. That” post templates or host your own contest and giveaway. The more “fun” a post appears, the easier it becomes to attract new followers while keeping your loyal followers interested in your brand and coming back for more.

Hosting a contest or giveaway is ideal during the holiday season, especially when many have time off from work, school, and other regular everyday activities. Providing your followers and prospective customers with a chance to win free goodies (directly from your brand) or even cash prizes is a way to quickly add to the overall follower count you have on your brand’s official Instagram page.

Connect With Your Followers

When you are able to successfully connect and resonate with your audience, quickly gain followers and loyal users who eagerly await your updates, news, and product releases. Anytime you are sharing an update on Instagram through the holiday you are celebrating, include the word “you” within the copy you share. The more direct and personal you are with your users, the easier it becomes to gain their trust and loyalty, even if they are new followers and are just discovering what your brand has to offer. Always avoid sounding robotic or “too corporate” during the holidays, as most users have likely been inundated with hundreds, if not thousands of other advertisements and promotions. Stand out from potential competition with a heartwarming campaign that relates to the type of users and demographic you want to reach.

Promote User-Generate Content

If you have created and launched a content that requires user-generated content (UGC), share the submissions you receive with all of your followers! When your current followers see that you appreciate your users and what they have shared with your brand, drastically increase overall engagement and the number of shares you receive. Sharing user-generated content also allows you to learn more about your users in terms of their wants and needs from your business and brand.

Taking the time to conduct adequate keyword research, holiday trends, and successful past holiday marketing campaigns in your market or niche is a way for you to outperform the competition without feeling overwhelmed with your marketing strategy this holiday season.

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