How to Choose Your Company’s Voice

How to Choose Your Company's VoiceSelecting the right voice for your company and brand is one of the most important decisions you may have to make as a business owner and entrepreneur. Having the ability to effectively communicate with your audience while making authentic connections with prospective customers using your company’s voice is essential to build a successful name and reputation for any brand. Whether you are launching your first company from the ground up or if you are looking to re-brand your current business, knowing what voice to go with is a way to outshine competition while leaving a lasting and positive impression on your audience. 

Consider Your Audience and Target Demographic

Before you begin sharing updates, promotions, and email newsletters with your followers and subscribers, consider the audience and demographic you are appealing to and want to reach. What is the age range of most of your online visitors or followers, and where are they located? Is it possible to learn more about their income levels, interests, and gender? The more insight you have regarding the audience who is most likely to take a genuine interest in your brand and what you have to offer, the easier it becomes to relate to users anytime you launch a new marketing campaign or share an update on social media.

Research Your Competition

Do you know the top competitors in your market or industry? You should. Research your competition to learn more about their branding, blog posts, and the methods of communication they use (most effectively) in order to successfully appeal to their audience of followers and shoppers. Take note of whether brands in your industry stick to corporate updates or if they communicate with followers in a more casual manner. The way you choose to present your business and brand with your voice also reflects the way potential shoppers and prospective customers view your company.

Describe Your Company

Choose three adjectives that describe your company and brand. Limiting yourself to three adjectives helps to develop a “persona” or a “look and feel” to your business. Some adjectives to represent companies may include:

  • Relaxed
  • Corporate
  • Funky
  • Handmade
  • Creative
  • Eccentric
  • Tough
  • Fast-Paced
  • Innovative

Use adjectives you select to get a better idea of the overall tone you should implement when crafting a voice for your company.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Consider how your company is different than the rest before moving forward with a voice that is set and stone to represent your brand. How does your company stand out and set itself apart? What advantages do customers have when choosing your company and the products, services, or content it provides? Consider all aspects of how your company functions and the types of services or products it provides before settling on a voice that is right for your business and brand.

Advantages of Using the Right Company Voice

Understanding the benefits of using the right voice for your company can help with deciding which tone to take with your followers and prospective customers. Some of the most notable advantages of using the right voice for your brand and company include:

  • Reach Your Intended Audience: Reach your intended audience when using a voice for your company that is representative of your target demographic. When you truly understand the wants, needs, and lifestyle of your audience, relate to them and share updates or promotions that are more personal, individualized, and likely to deliver satisfying results.
  • Build a Positive and Professional Reputation: A company or brand that understands its audience of consumers and fans is respected. When a company is dismissive of its audience, rude, or does not offer any customer service, it is much more challenging to build a positive reputation online with loyal followers. Fine-tuning your company’s voice and responding to criticism, backlash, and even negative or unfair reviews in a professional manner are a couple of ways to preserve and protect your brand’s reputation and online image. Instead, use positive aspects of your company’s voice to address and resolve any concerns or issues your followers and loyal customers are facing in order to build and solidify the trust users have for your brand.

Taking the time to learn more about your target audience is a key factor in developing the right voice for any company or brand. With the right company voice, maximize your company’s reach online while also ensuring you create an authentic connection with each individual follower and loyal customer you have.

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