What’s The Best Social Media Campaign For My Business?

What Types of Social Media Campaigns Work Best?

Creating, developing, and launching a successful social media campaign is not always an easy feat, especially if you are building a new business and brand from the ground up. Building a successful social media campaign that delivers optimal results greatly depends on your market, business model, and the target audience or demographic you want to reach.  Before settling on a social media campaign to help promote your business, it is highly recommended that you become more familiar with today’s most popular platforms and how they work most effectively in conjunction with marketing campaigns.

Consider Platform Features

Before you are able to choose the right social media network to promote your business and brand on, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the key marketing advantages each platform has to offer.

Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn

Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn are all considered classic social networking platforms. Using these platforms allows you to reach a broad audience with the use of a variety of advertisements (ranging from text/image ads to video promotional material). Using Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn is optimal to manage large amounts of followers and to act as a central hub for others to find more details and information regarding your business.

Instagram, SnapchatPinterest

Use Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest if you prefer image-heavy marketing campaigns or if you have an audience that is much more responsive to imagery along with video advertisements.

Twitter, Tumblr

Both Twitter and Tumblr are ideal social platforms for those who are interested in microblogging, guest blogging, and sharing lengthier stories or other useful content to followers. Using Twitter and Tumblr works well for brands that provide tutorials, recipes, and even updates or news articles regarding the type of products or services you provide.

YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, Vimeo

Video sharing along with video advertisements are popular with YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live.

Get to Know Your Audience

In order to develop truly engaging and effective marketing campaigns, getting to know and better understand your target audience and demographic is a must. The more you know about your followers and prospective customers, the easier it becomes to create marketing campaigns and advertisements that “work” and resonate with your users. Research the age range, gender, and even geographic information regarding your most active followers or loyal shoppers.

Research keywords, trends, and phrases that are most relevant to your brand and the industry you are in. Introducing the right “voice” and tone for your business and brand is imperative to help connect with potential shoppers on a more personal level without turning away those who have a genuine interest in your brand but do not feel your voice is authentic enough. Maintaining an authentic persona is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when building an online presence and reputation for your business using social media.

Revisit Campaign Type Benefits

Advantages and benefits often vary with each type of digital marketing campaign based on the platform used as well as the overall trend within any specific market or industry at the time. Once you have a thorough understanding of your audience, your brand’s voice, and the features each social network has to offer, compare the benefits of the campaign types you are most interested in before finalizing your decision.

Social Networking Platforms

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn provide you with access to millions of potential shoppers from around the world. Using traditional social networking platforms works best for traditional digital marketing campaigns and also provides you with in-depth reports and analytics.

Microblogging Networks

Microblogging networks such as Twitter and Tumblr work best as additions to any large digital marketing campaigns. Share shortened blog URLs and other promotional links along with hashtags and specific “tags” to attract new potential followers and customers.

Video Sites

When creating a social media campaign that is in video form, opt for launching a campaign on YouTube or Vimeo depending on your core audience. Stream live video marketing campaigns on Twitch, Periscope, or even Facebook Live depending on where your target demographic is most active.

Image-Heavy Networks

Launching graphic and image-heavy marketing campaigns helps to drastically increase digital followers while driving website traffic and online sales. Using networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat are ideal when you have vivid and vibrant methods to promote and display the products or services you offer. Because users on these platforms prefer attractive, vibrant, and colourful advertisements, ensure your brand meshes well with the overall atmosphere and “feel” of a social network prior to launching a new social media campaign.

With a deeper understanding of various marketing techniques and fitting social networks, eliminate guesswork whenever you have a new social media campaign in mind you want to launch. Building a social media campaign centered around specific results you desire is a way for you to save on marketing expenses while ultimately, generating more leads and potential revenue.

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